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Uptime Award Winner • Best Leadership Program • Yanbu NGL Fractionation Plant

Uptime Award Winner • Best Leadership Program • Yanbu NGL Fractionation Plant

IMC-2018 - 27:31

by Abdulelah Alfakhri and Muhammad Felemban, Yanbu NGL Fractionation Plant

Maintenance Excellence Management (MEM) is Yanbu NGLF initiative, which was developed to enhance maintenance processes and monitor their performance through clear, defined procedures which developed by related SMEs. MEM was constructed to be in line with ARAMCO Corporate Maintenance Services track to consistently and systematically achieve and sustain industry leading performance.

It has four main categories: Compliance to programs and guidelines, Maintenance performance, HR focus and Organization culture enhancement. Each category contains a list of components which include maintenance programs, maintenance processes, or performance indicators. MEM roles & responsibilities were established, additionally, leaders and related SMEs were assigned as task owner for each MEM component to analysis, manage and improve his assigned component. Task owner establishes required collaboration teams for analysis and improvement, conducts related conversation, generates decision with corrective actions as needed and executes them with full empowerment. Moreover, PDCA methodology was used. Furthermore, MEM portal was developed as a tool for task owners to capture actions, track activities and monitor progress. Deploying MEM initiative in 2017 resulted in significant maintenance enhancement and performance improvement.

Yanbu NGL Maintenance was recognized by winning 2018 Saudi Aramco President's Maintenance Award, for Most Improved Organization.

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