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Uptime Award Winner • Best Lubrication Program • Portland General Electric

Uptime Award Winner • Best Lubrication Program • Portland General Electric

IMC-2018 - 37:07

by Cheryl Norris

The most important part of building the sustainable lubrication program at the PGE Beaver Plant, (where are the parts are clicking) was building a successful team.

A successful team where the voice of each person was heard, each person understood their role and how they would they would contribute to success of the program. After the first year, when we didn't make as much progress as planned, I realized that we really hadn't built a team that was fully engaged in the process. We started the second year by being clear on the roles and how each person needed to contribute even if they were just asking questions or challenging the plan. Operations, Maintenance, Administration and Planning & Scheduling were all involved in development.

Today, we have our lubrications tasks in our CMMS, we have a color-coded lubrication system, and a Lubrication Manual that is kept up to date on a regular basis. Our equipment has been modified to obtain better oil samples, operators are trained on taking oil samples and staff has been trained on how properly use the lubrication work center. But with all the improvements that have been made, we know there are more opportunities to become better and we are committed to the journey.

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