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Uptime Award Winner • Best Overall Program • Southern Gardens Citrus

Uptime Award Winner • Best Overall Program • Southern Gardens Citrus

IMC-2018 - 46:08

by Brendon Russ and Jim Sullivan, Southern Gardens Citrus

This presentation will show where we started, how we got to where we are now, and where we plan on going in the future.

Opening in 1994, Southern Gardens Citrus (SGC) Processing, is a worldwide supplier of 100 percent pure Florida not-from-concentrate orange juice. Our mission statement is‚ to continuously improve and become the low cost supplier of high quality citrus products to our customers, while maximizing returns to our shareholders. The first two words of that statement is a mandate to continuously improve. Our story to "Best Overall Program" is truly a study in continuous improvement. From the grand opening of the facility back in 1994 to today, and from today into the future, we are constantly asking: How can we do this better?‚ and striving toward the answer to that.

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