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Uptime Award Winner: Special Recognition Award for Best MRO

Uptime Award Winner: Special Recognition Award for Best MRO

IMC-2019 Learning Session 49:52 Minutes

by Hosny Elsayed, Ma'aden Alumina Refinery

In many industries, the Maintenance, Repair & Operation (MRO) represents almost 50 to 60% of plant maintenance cost. Any small improvement or effort to control this big monster should have an impact on business cash generation and cost-savings, as well as leading to improve spare parts availability and plant reliability performance. The most important key success factors for such an initiative are the visibility of the Inventory life cycle and close monitoring the MRO performance.

The questions that should be answered by any organization aiming for an MRO improvement are: What the current MRO performance challenges? Do we have MRO dashboard? What are we measuring? What is the data telling us?

We have been able to build the Lean Inventory Management System (LIMS) that drives the success on saving almost $13.4M over the last two years. By developing, implementing and continually improving the LIMS, organizations would be able to improve and optimize the MRO performance. As one of the 2019 Uptime Award winners, the presenters will share the last 5 years’ experience on (LIMS) process development and implementation that led to huge cost saving and significant improvement in MRO business process, thereby building stability in the plant reliability and operational performance and achieving planned production target.

This presentation briefly covers:

  1. MRO business challenge
  2. MRO life cycle and road map
  3. LIMS "Lean Inventory Management System"
  4. LIMS - MRO dashboard
  5. Tangible MRO performance improvement record
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