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Uptime Elements & Global Sustainability Programs

Focused Forum from IMC-2015
by Nikolaus Despain & Laura Lamb, Leprino Foods

In this presentation, learn by shared examples and tools in Uptime Elements Cp, Mt, Pm & Hcm used by a large food manufacturer that resulted in improved results for their Global Sustainability Program.

Areas to be covered:

Cp – Examples (with ROI) of capital projects focusing on energy management.

Mt – How using an All-Test Pro unit to identify high energy consuming motors changes replacement decisions.

Pm – Examples on how to leverage PM programs to manage infrequent (but seasonally necessary) building & equipment adjustments for low cost/no cost energy savings.

Hcm – Examples and tools used to leverage the entire company work force to generate ideas for onsite Resource Conservation teams, resulting in significant low cost/no cost resource conservation ideas

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