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Uptime Special Recognition Award - Asset Risk and Condition Assessment: Great Western Railway

Uptime Special Recognition Award - Asset Risk and Condition Assessment: Great Western Railway

IMC-2020 Presentation 35:57 Minutes

by Kristijan Apostolski and Anthony Prentice, GWR

Great Western Railway (GWR) is train operating company (TOC) operating under U.K. Government franchise that is awarded every four years and utilizes network rail infrastructure - depots, track and stations. GWR exists to provide comfortable, reliable and safe journeys to the traveling public in the U.K. GWR is part of a First Group Plc specializing in public transport in multiple divisions: rail, bus and tram.

The company is mainly divided in 2 departments: Operations and Engineering.

Our team is based in Reading Depot, built in 2013. The main purpose of the Engineering Depot is to provide fleet maintenance, modifications and to assure availability of our fleet to meet customer demand and expectations.

Plant and Facilities Maintenance is an essential team, supporting GWR in delivering the aim/vision, "Railway of the Future." They ensure all plant, facilities, utilities and support equipment/tools are available and performing the intended functions to enable our train care teams a smooth and safe work environment, delivering trains back into service on time with minimal disruption. They also provide services to an additional four remote sidings for light maintenance.

To practice asset management, our assets needed to be identified (creation of an asset register), ranked, assessed, managed and knowledge extracted. We needed a structured approach, and after detailed research within and IAM libraries wealth of knowledge, we designed our matrix from a combined knowledge of 20+ references.

The matrix itself can be used as a comprehensive self-explanatory, asset lifecycle management and decision-making tool based on risk, to support Engineering teams in practicing asset management.

  • Understand our assets and how they impact our business: criticality, risk, health and financial
  • Track criticality, risk and health profiles
  • Pursue best practice asset management to extract maximum value and performance from our assets to ensure minimum total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Maintenance strategy optimization by focusing on our most important assets
  • Develop risk mitigation strategies and corrective actions with assigned responsibilities and stakeholders
  • Improve internal/external communication and program detail reporting
  • Define a business case for a sustainable program
  • Foster teamwork, collaboration and acknowledged all stakeholder contributions
  • Contribute to an emerging body of knowledge for effective asset management and maintenance reliability best practices and initiated a developing culture of reliability

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