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Using 3A Learning to Drive Competency and Business Results from eLearning

Using 3A Learning to Drive Competency and Business Results from eLearning

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 40:04
by Tara Holwegner, Life Cycle Engineering.

10% of competency development happens in formal education, 90% happens on-the-job through coaching, stretch goals and informal knowledge-sharing. To further challenge traditional learning strategy, we’ve experienced massive technology advancements in learning delivery and management. How can reliability leaders ensure their learning investments build competency and realize the benefits of a proficient workforce?

During this active session on Competency-Based Learning, participants will step-through the 3A Learning® process used by organizations to build competence and power proactive transformations like TPM, RCM and Reliability Excellence®.

To relate session contents to a current initiative, session participants will use a learning impact map to analyze a reliability effort, identify needed competencies and align them to an organization-level goal. The speaker will give examples of on-the-job application and outline a case of how eLearning was applied using 3A Learning to advance competency goals. To curtail reservations about using eLearning to support a hands-on profession like reliability and maintenance, the speaker will include guidelines for selecting quality eLearning.