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Using CMMS to Influence Culture: Herbalife’s Success Story

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 42:36

by Greg Perry, eMaint Enterprises, & Laura Phillips, Herbalife.

When it comes to improving reliability, many organizations focus on their machines. But you know what they forget about? People. Professionals sometimes forget about their people who are behind the machines, making the reliability program a reality.

Laura Phillips, CMMS Administrator at Herbalife, and Greg Perry, Sr. Consultant at eMaint, will explain how to foster and sustain a culture of communication and reliability with the support of a CMMS. Laura and Greg will define what maintenance culture is and the key success factors to make positive cultural changes.

Drawing on professional experiences, they will identify how maintenance teams can continuously optimize processes and spend more time identifying opportunities for further improvement, and less time dedicated to downtime activities with a strategic focus.

As CMMS experts and professionals in the field, the duo will also share successful approaches to implementation and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track via CMMS reporting tools and dashboards.

Whether an organization is actively engaged in improving maintenance culture, or never gave it a second thought, this session will offer valuable best practice insight into how to leverage your CMMS to sustain culture of communications and continuous improvement.

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