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Using MRO Data to Support Plant Reliability

The RELIABILITY Conference - 38:38 
by Steve Clayton and Brandon Coombs, Synovos

To understand a plant’s operational reliability, Maintenance and/or Engineering personnel are often called to perform MTTR, MTBF and/or FMEA analysis on plant equipment to develop risk profiles and identify critical parts. While these analyses deliver stronger understanding of plant reliability, they are resource intensive.

There is another approach; utilize MRO data.

Through day-to-day purchasing and usage of spare parts, a plant builds an ongoing profile of equipment reliability. An analysis of MRO data can reveal critical information to support the reliable plant. Two challenges that can hinder this approach are MRO data quantity and MRO data quality.

Since MRO encompasses all non-production materials, the quantity of MRO materials and transactions can easily become overwhelming. The key to effective use of MRO data is to be able to differentiate between data which does and does not impact plant operations.

Because of the large quantity of MRO data, the quality of the data normally focuses solely on a sufficient description to enable the buyer to purchase the correct material. For MRO data to support reliable plant operations, good quality MRO data is required. This should include not only description, but also complete specification and linkage to equipment. With limited resources, how does the plant manage the quantity and quality of data to enable an effective analysis to support reliability?

This session discusses the key components of good MRO data and how to transition such that the data can support reliability. In addition, the session provides tools to analyze MRO and unmask the critical information to provide visibility of current reliability issues, enable forecasting of potential risks and support critical part identification.

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