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Utilizing Vibration Analysis to Detect Gearbox Faults

Utilizing Vibration Analysis to Detect Gearbox Faults

Gearboxes are typically critical components in your plant but unfortunately they can be the most difficult piece of equipment to correctly test. Achieving an early and accurate warning of gear damage is critically important but you need to understand all of the failure modes, the vibration patterns that they will generate, and how spectrum analysis and time waveform analysis can be used to detect those failure modes. In this Webinar we will summarize those techniques and use animations and software simulations to make them easier to understand.

Learning Points:
1) What makes gearboxes more difficult to monitor.
2) Understand the failure modes and how the vibration patterns will change.
3) How to utilize spectrum analysis, time waveform analysis (including circle plots and TSA) and enveloping techniques to detect the faults.

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