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What to Expect After Implementation: Establishing a Strong Maintenance Program

MW-2021 Presentation 34:35 Minutes

by Zakiya Ming, Encore Boston Harbor

You’ve implemented Maximo or you’re gearing up to start your implementation journey, now what? 

The decisions you make during the implementation process can set the precedent for years afterwards and will certainly impact your future growth initiatives so it’s crucial to make this time count. In this session, you’ll hear from Zakiya Ming of Encore Boston Harbor, who supported their greenfield implementation and oversees their asset management and maintenance program. 

  • Lessons learned from their implementation and mistakes made 
  • Processes they have established to support new predictive maintenance goals 

Program growth under Maximo Implementation is no small feat, so attend this session to hear how it went for Encore Boston Harbor and understand specific issues you need to plan for. 


  • With green field implementations, look beyond the immediate implementation tasks at hand and schedule ahead to set the stage for future growth projects 
  • Involve "department partners" in the earliest phases of implementation especially if they may be impacted by the EAM project down the line 
  • Implementation failures - integrations gone wrong, process mistakes and software add-ons
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