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WIRAM Virtual Summit 2022 Part 1 of 4

WIRAM Virtual Summit 2022 Part 1 of 4
you here you Greetings, good morning, and welcome to all in attendance. What an important day we're so excited to have you with so many activities you have chosen to be here with us. So we really really appreciate the time more about director the group woman in reliability and I said management and also Global leader for the association of us and management professionals. I want to get started by saying that the association of us had management professionals. It is a space where you can find information share knowledge on reliability and asset management. I'm gonna guess quickly make the presentation showing my screen. So you get familiar with the portal. This is the first time you see it. This is a place and no cost. You can subscribe getting formation and sharing information also in these group in these Association of us and management professionals. We have the group of women in reliability and I said management the reason why you are here today, And we are so excited to have you we have presentations from so many leaders in the industry and from different territories. But before I tell you more about weirham and the involvement in how you can get engaged as well. I'm gonna introduce you now to the director of The Association of us and management professionals Terence O'Hanlon parents. Good morning. Thank you for joining us. And if you can give us your welcome to these amazing event. Well, good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening, depending on where in the world you are. It's a pleasure to have a chance to be here and to welcome you. My name is Terrence O'Hanlon. I'm the executive director for the association of asset management professionals. The association of asset management professionals is a 501 C3 not for profit organization. And it really does it has really two important missions out in the world one is professional development. If you're not aware of the association of asset management professionals maintains, the certified reliability leader examination and certification as well as the certified maintenance manager exam and sort of a vacation and they do a magnificent job with that over 4,000 certified professionals from around the world really making it one of the largest certificate in organizations involved with Asset Management anywhere in the world. The other thing that it is and always has been is a community of knowledge in other words a place where people come together. To share knowledge of to share experiences and we've done that in a variety of different settings. There's an online Forum that's been around forever. If you want to know anything about vibration analysis is probably got the deepest library of discussions around various vibration problems. If you're having a strange asset situation in your company, you can post it in 20 people have likely experienced it before they'll share with you what's going on with that. That's a really wonderful aspect of the association of asset management professionals more recently with the word with the group of we are women in reliability and asset management supported by a wonderful group of Advocates led by more about and supported by the Association of asset management professionals team. That is a really magnificent operation creating a safe space to showcase. Leaders who happen to be women in reliability and asset management and giving them a place to to lead given them a place to lead the rest of us. Tell their stories about leadership. Um tell their stories about how they got to where they are. So today, I'm very excited about this event. And I really thank the team from amp for all the preparation and putting it together really thank all the speakers today. I'm really looking forward to listening and learning and with that I will get out of the way so we can let the learning and the community of knowledge begin. Thank you so much for choosing to participate today. Thank you so much Terence as well for all your support through the years in the group has been five to six years basically in the community. It started I recall with 25 women and that's how it is. Right. I always said the most important thing is started after that everything gets comes alone. But it's just a little push. Let's start it together not only with technical topics that we started but we also enhance leadership topics. I recall one experience that a woman came to a meeting face to face and she said that she attended the webinaring how to ask for a race that she listened to wear them. Of course. I said you did that nowhere. I'm she said we're supported her in her decision and that that are the success stories that were here for. I also another success story is that we have so many women that have come in a passive way listening and then they become more active telling all there's about the group and then my favorite part when they Have something to share more I want to present. So this is an invitation and active invitation right now. This is the go to webinar tool through the day. You can insert on the chat comment questions. And also if you want to be a future potential future speaker, let us know we're here for you. Now the portion that I want to make sure you know, is that the group came up in a in a face-to-face way, but then we did started in a virtual way and that beautiful way allows people from around the world to connect every time anytime that you wish at your own pace. We have the webinars in English and Spanish as well. Now with the idea Legacy of sustaining the group in general we have now other leaders in other territories and you're gonna get to meet them today places in United States Canada Middle East and Artica Latin America, and the idea is expanding to other territories in Europe. Asia, Australia in Africa, so if you have leaders in these Says do let us know. Part of the acknowledgment that I want to make today is first to to the community to you for your support for being here today and Through the Years. If this is your first time, thank you you have come back here with us. Thank you as well. I also want to acknowledge Joy Christensen. She's a super amazing leader in a community. And and thank you really for all your support for Gathering all the information and keep us on track. I also want to say thank you to yes multimedia leader. He will be supporting today. And of course all that weird. I'm speakers on the acknowledgment piece. I also want to go through the applications. Yeah, this group of Advocates have allow us to also have a keynote speakers in our conferences face to face. So thank you to extender caterpillar picks up where the interlock Solutions Prometheus the University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And today I want to also welcome from the connective system Institute Mary bones. So Mary won so has been from the beginning with us. She's gonna tell us a few words about what she's doing with diversity and inclusion. Welcome Mary. Thank you for being here one more time. Hi Moran. Hi everybody. Thanks for joining and thanks for calling out on the support from the University. It seems like wherever I go. I want to support the women in reliability and asset management. So when I finished my term at the University, I came over to the the academy the international academy for automation Engineers, which is also a nonprofit 501c delivering education to for automation engineering and it focuses specifically on levels zero through three, you know connecting to the equipment connecting the communications to servers and then being able to analyze the data that's coming off of it. And so we've chosen to continue our support of the women in reliability and asset management. organization because we think it's super important to involve everyone we can in the mission of delivering manufacturing capacity reliably to the industry and our community the iaae believes that when we lift everyone together when we help people acquire and do well in good paying jobs that it not only lifts the Enterprise that lifts the whole community and that's really why I've committed my efforts and my Now post retail semi-retired years here at these educational institutions. I think it's super important. I want to share one story from that work. because it it's it's so relevant to this group and I'll speak about Moment. What young woman who was attending a university and had taken some of the online courses to specialize in Pharma manufacturing capabilities? And I ran into her again working at Eli Lilly now as she when she came on to the student council and alumni group and I've been able to introduce her to some of the other reliability web fans from Eli Lilly helping to create that support network. So Mora your work is alive and well, thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to create these kind of things for someone like Carolina and everyone else that we can touch with this. So thanks for the platform. Thank you. Mary for being here and for your support and thank you to the international academy automation engineering. We also have another Advocate that join us at Center Sarah Davidson Sarah. Good morning. How are you doing today? Thank you for being here. Sarah can you hear us? Okay. We're gonna give it just a second to Sarah. You can hear me, right? Okay. Yes, I hear you and Sarah you're self-muted. Hi everyone. Can you hear me? Yes, I will. Thank you so much guys, I had joined from my mobile for the audio, but it doesn't appear to be working. Can you? We can hear you. Okay, and this is the time so you can tell us a few things about what eccentrics doing on diversity. Thank you for joining. Great. Yeah, I just want to talk for a minute about what Accenture has has worked on in the area of diversity. Um, I work for Accenture that's $699,000 of us today delivering on the promise of technology and Ingenuity and I'm part of Industry X which is a team of over 26,000 globally. focused on the digitization of engineering and Manufacturing helping our clients reimagine the products they make and how they make them. Our commitment to gender equality starts at the top with our board of directors and CEO Julie sweet and extends over all parts of our company and our philosophy Is Anchored In recognizing that our people are multi-dimensional. We take a human approach to create a work environment where everyone can be the same person both inside and outside of work. Um, and this means that when when our people own the equality agenda and they make it part of their jobs every decision every day, they feel free to speak up and to act and our history reflects that commitment. We actually launched our Global inclusion and diversity strategy back in 1995 really before this was this was a hot topic on everyone's agenda and we've set bold goals from the beginning to accelerate gender equality. We're committed to being a place where women hope to work because it's a place where everyone can thrive We're working to achieve a gender balanced Workforce by 2025. This means a Workforce that is equally 50% woman and 50% men for those whose gender is binary. Where today we currently employ more than 300,000 women globally and that's 46% of our Global Workforce. We actually achieved our goal of having women in 25% of all managing director positions in December of 2020 and are now working towards Um having women in 30% of managing director positions by 2025 women make up 50% of our external board of directors and 27% of our Global Management committee and 47% of our new hires are women in 32% of our executives are women. With all that we know that women are underrepresented and Manufacturing particularly leadership and Tech roles. So in 2019, we launched IX. Wow initiative hosting a bi-monthly forum for all of our industryx women around the world to connect at all career levels. The purpose of the group is to come together and speak freely advocating support the growth of amazing women. We Spotlight projects for working on follow career Journeys discuss mental health and well-being celebrate success stories share Lessons Learned. I make a point of joining this call every time I can because it is just a really great session. I always end up learning a lot and hearing about a lot Just just a couple of our recent award wins to reinforce vet talked about and how important inclusion diversity is. We're very proud to be ranked number one in the US and honored to be named to the diversity incall of theme. We were the highest scoring company in Bloomberg's gender Bloomberg's gender equality Index this year five consecutive years on the index and in the US were a top 10 Fortune 100 best company to work for. So again, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak and hope to hear from some of you soon. Thank you very much. Sarah to you and the team in accentor for all your support really appreciate it. Now, we're gonna buckle up now. It's time to start before we go away. We announced the next speaker. I want to just make sure you know as I mentioned before this is a go-to webinar tool. You have the chat you can ask questions. You can raise your hand. We're gonna have an interactive session every time the speaker finish. You can please ask your questions, but don't don't wait just start adding your questions. We also had in this case hangout that you can add in your computer. So just take it in place it in your desktop. So it's information about the association of us and management professionals and ways to stay connected. Now with that being said, I'm going to stop sharing screen right now. I'm gonna have a ready our next speaker and you know Kathy in this case when we approach her through Linkedin. She was always so willing to support the group and by now copy can tell us how many times she has presented but I can assure you more than two. And today we have looked for hair to we are open Kino speaker. She is the CEO of Miller Consultants Cathy Miller Perkins a lot to say about hair. I'm gonna use three weekly a little bit about the value and she can tell us more Got these as I gonna at least at the CEO of Miller Consultants coaching and consulting company helping leaders Excel by translating values into actions. And that's what we want today that you put all of these into practice. She Drives By in the bedding purpose in the culture in the organization. She's the author of leadership and purpose how to create a sustainable cultural published by rotich pressing 2020. She's regular contribute to leaders and career sections, and she is the host of the podcast conscience culture Cafe. She equips leaders around the world to we'll be around cultures in support of their purpose increase organizations capacity to change neither constantly evolving the month of our complex world and work places. She has more than 30 plus years of experience. She has a work with so many companies including Toyota Authority of New York City Ivory IBM, bro form and now Proctor and Gamble to name a few with that. I want to welcome Kathy with power and control and thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. So glad to be here. At this time, we're gonna provide the presentation copy so you can do that from your own screen. Tell us from where are you located? What part in the world are you in today? And Louisville, Kentucky today? there and Now great. I believe my screen is on is that correct? The ready you don't camera from Kentucky. We can see your screen. We're ready for power and control what a topicati. Thank you. I'm so glad to be here. I've really enjoyed my association with this organization, you know more I've lost track of how many times I've presented but it's been quite a few and every time it's just been such a pleasure to do these presentations. And so I'm very excited to be here again today to talk about power one question mark should I turn my camera off while I do this presentation? We want to see you we feel closer to you so you can keep it on. Okay, I'll leave it on in that case. All right. I was Walker is one of my favorite authors. She wrote The Color Purple among other things many of you have probably read some of her books and I want to start by quoting her. She says the most common way people give up power is to believe they don't have it. Keep that in mind as we talk today because today we're talking about power. We're talking about power and control and I'm here to tell you you do have it. You just have to find it. You have to claim it and you have to use it and that's the topic of our short time together today. So what is power what ask you do? You cringe when you think about power or do you smile anything about power? Do you want it are you afraid of it? Each of us will have our own answers to that question. But I would like to say that everybody does have power and the power is neither negative nor positive. It depends on what kind of power you use and how you use it power comes from a lot of different places. Some of us have the the power to reward and punish others. Some of us have titles some of us have positions of power but that is not the kind of power that I want to talk about with you today because not all of us have all those bases of power. And and this is the really important thing. So if you're multitasking Come Back to Me Now The personal power that we hold inside of ourselves is the most effective kind of power in the world. We live in today personal power personal power is not about bending people to our will it's not about manipulation or coercion. It's about self-mastery. It's about that feeling inside that we're confident that we can handle whatever the world throws us. It is not that we think we can control everything because we can't we know that the pandemic has proven that we are not in control of everything in our lives. However, we look for those areas that we can control we exert control over those areas and we live with those things that we can't control. It's about self Mastery and self-efficacy self efficacy means the confidence that we And be an agent of change in the world and that we can protect our well-being in life. That's how I'm looking at Power today. It's an adventure finding power. I've got a lot of favorite characters and authors and so forth that I'm going to quote several of them today and Peter Pan when I was a child Peter Pan was one of my favorite favorite characters and what Peter Pan said among other things is to live will be an awfully Big Adventure. And I think we can all vouch for that. I want to start my discussion of my own journey in finding personal power and go way back to when I was 17 and that was a long time ago. Let me tell you when I was 17. I was growing up in a very small rural town in the middle of Indiana. I had never been away from home. I've never been on an airplane really most of my social life was with church and the high school and then all sudden. I got the opportunity to become a foreign exchange student and I thought gee I'll probably go to Europe wouldn't that be fun? Well, I didn't have a choice about where I got to go and when I was accepted into the exchange program, I found out that I was gonna go to Thailand. I didn't know where Thailand was. I didn't know anything about the culture. I was scared to death. Remember, I've never even been on an airplane let alone go to and I thought to myself I can't do this. There's no way I'm too young. I'm too isolated here in the middle of Indiana. I can't do it but people pushed me and supported me and said yes, you can you can do this. And so I decided to go ahead and I remember vividly when I got on the airplane, I was almost hysterical because I was so afraid I told everybody I was afraid of flying but really I was afraid of the whole Adventure but to make a long story short. It was life-changing. I I was uncomfortable. I was scared. I did have those moments when I thought I wasn't gonna be able to handle it but I did and I never looked back. I found my personal power at that point when I was 17. I found the confidence that I could handle these this discomfort. I could handle the unknown and that's what I'm asking you to think about today. Now does that mean I've always had that sense of personal power and self-confidence. Does that mean I've never had any fear anxiety? Absolutely not. This quest for personal power is a journey That Never Ends, but it's a journey worth taking. So let's get started on our journey. Personal power I look at as our hidden treasure. That means you don't have to create it. You already have it. You just have to find it. So let's go on a treasure hunt for a few minutes this morning. But what do you do when you get ready for a journey? What do you do when you go on a treasure hunt? Well, the first thing I do is I gather my resources. What are those resources well if I'm going on a trip maybe I'll put a picnic basket in the car. I'll make sure I have a spare tire or I'll make sure my phone is in working order all the things that I think I might need for my journey. Well in this journey that we're talking about this personal power treasure hunt. The resources are a little different. The resources are courage commitment support reaching out to people who can support us in building our self-confidence, but mustering up the courage to do the hard work that it takes the Discover that personal power and then claim that personal power. So gather your resources. Another of my favorite authors Elizabeth Gilbert says in brace the Glorious mess that you are and that is a good place to start on a journey to find personal power. Well, one other things that we use as a resource for any journey is a matter. And so I want to start with our personal power map and it's a series I'm going to present it as a series of stepping stones. And each of these Stepping Stones is important and absolutely critical to our journey for finding our personal power. As with any Journey the first step is usually the hardest and it is critical because if you don't take the first step you never get there. The first step in the personal power journey is self-awareness. And that is a scary thing. I am not talking about how we present ourselves to the world. What kind of good face we put on our social media accounts? I'm talking about digging deeply within and asking ourselves. Who are we and who do we aspire to become? I do a lot of coaching and I do a lot of coaching of women. Usually they're their career women their High achieving women some of the things that I tell them to do when I'm suggesting that they dig into this self-awareness step is to think about what if they overheard someone talking about them. What would they like to hear? What is it? They'd like to hear people say about them that their mean that they're unreasonable. I doubt it instead they'd probably like to hear that. They are strong that they're compassionate that they're good people each of you will have your own answer to that question about what you'd like to hear. It's somebody was talking about your if you overheard someone talking about you another exercise I have my coaching clients do is to imagine that you are there's going to be a feature story of you in some magazine. What would you like the headline to be on the front? Page above your picture for that story these sorts of exercises help us dig within ourselves in a deeper way than many of us normally do to find out who we aspire to become and then maybe the harder work is to ask ourselves. Who are we really at point and that involves thinking about what are your values? And are you living your values? What are your priorities? And are you are you spending the time and energy in the way that your priorities suggest? You should what I find with a lot of my coaching clients is that they're so career driven that even though they say their priorities are around their physical and mental health or their families or other things really they're putting all their energy into their career and I would argue that that is not a way to become personally powerful. We have to align our energy with what we say we care about So the question then is who are you? Who do you aspire to become and how do you close that Gap? That's the first stepping stone on our journey. And of course there will be roadblocks on any Journey. There will be roadblocks especially in this journey towards personal power the roadblocks that we're likely to find our fears faulty assumptions, but I want to pick up on one to give you an example and that is Vicious Cycles. We all have them. Do you know what that is? If these habits that we get into that are self-reinforcing they're self. They're really self-fulfilling prophecies. I have a coaching client who is extremely talented. She has been the CEO of several startups and what she does is she jumps into her job with both feet and she works like a maniac and she puts in unbelievable hours and she she puts all of her passion and all of her energy into that job until she hits the wall. And when she hits the wall, she's frustrated. She's tired. She's irritable. She can't get very far in influencing her team and when I talk with her about and she's done it over and over and over so she goes from one job to another doing the same thing and I keep thinking about that saying I think it was Albert Einstein, but I'm not sure who said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results that is truly what she was doing. And so she and I were talking about what is that vicious cycle that makes her believe that she should put all of her energy into this hard driving career when she knows that it's just going to trip her up in the end. So and we could talk about a lot of fears a lot of those cycles. Each of us has our own but what we need to do in this second step is Uncover those Vicious Cycles and then turn them into what I call virtuous Cycles break the Habit a lot of times what that means is we have to listen to that voice inside of ourselves. That's telling us this behavior is the right thing to do. We all have those voices lift take those voices and talk back to them create a different voice in your head creative voice that says productivity sometimes means stepping away from the job productivity sometimes means relaxing letting it go and that's when our best thinking occurs and that's when we become creative and that's when we start tapping our personal power finder Vicious Cycles break your Vicious Cycles make them virtuous Cycles. the third step in our journey we get there, right we get to the point where that treasure is located. We start digging it up. We see it. We're self-aware. Now we've overcome some of the roadblocks and there it is that treasure that personal power Reservoir. Now what this is a dangerous time folks because for some people for many of us, perhaps we may step back because we may be afraid of it or we may think to ourselves. Oh, I'm just an imposter what gives me the right to be this self-confident what gives me the right to think I can influence other people. I'm just making it up. I'm just faking it or maybe we're afraid that our lives will change too much and life will become unpredictable. If we start using that personal power taking those risks jumping into those areas where we're uncomfortable. This is the dangerous time because a lot of times people stop them. At this point I see this a lot in the women that I'm coaching and I coach mostly women. I do coach some men but but many women and I see it a lot this imposter syndrome this feeling that I can't claim it. I see it. I understand it, but I can't claim it because it's too dangerous. Don't do that. Don't back away. Understand that you have to live with discomfort in order to grow and living this with discomfort makes you stronger and makes you more powerful. So claim your treasure folks embrace your power acknowledge that you are ambitious. But at the same time be sure that you allow for some vulnerability. Common misconception that I hear from leaders of All Sorts the ones I coached the ones I work with they say things like I have to put on a good face, even though I'm anxious and fearful. Sometimes I can show that to the people that I'm leading because I have to be the role model that shows my strength wrong. People want to connect with you as a leader. When we're talking about influencing through personal power we're talking about relationships and we're talking about connecting. We're talking about empathy and all of those things come from being human and from showing our humanity and respecting the humanity and in others that we really do. So being willing to be vulnerable means a lot of different things. It means being willing to say, I don't know the answers if you don't being willing to say yes, I'm anxious about this too, but I will persevere and so can you being vulnerable means being willing to take those risks, even though you're stepping into the end known and it's scary but being willing to do it and being vulnerable means acknowledging who you are as a total human being All right. So you've overcome that fear of claiming your treasure? You've claimed it now it's time for you for you to use your power for good and that means bringing your whole self to the world. head heart and hands I also have some coaching class who say to me emotions have no place in the workplace. Oh, come on. We know that's not true. You can't leave your emotions at home. You can't leave your emotions at the door. We've just been through horrendous experience with this pandemic again. Well, we're still in it just on degree, but it's getting better. I think nevertheless. I think that our emotions we all realize now that we are emotional human beings that's part of who we are and we can't deny that if we try to deny that we're likely those emotions are likely to come out and unhealthy ways. Now, I'm not saying let emotions overcome your head I'm saying use both. We also need to use our heads and examine our assumptions be willing to lay those assumptions on the table for other people to see to poke at to challenge. We need to be able to listen to the assumptions of other. People in a non-judgmental way and explore together how we can co-create how we can challenge each other's assumptions and come up with new ways of viewing the world. And then we also need to use our hands and that is we need to do the hard work. We need to take the time to listen. I just this weekend was talking with the leader who said I've got too much to do to implement this strategy. I really don't have time to listen to the people that work for me and I said, wait a minute. That's your job. Use your hands do the work use your head use your heart and use your hands. Once you claimed that personal power and you will use your power for good. That's when you'll become influential. So now you've got self Mastery you feel self-confident you've tapped that Reservoir deep inside you and Influencing others through your character through your compassion and yet you still need to be humble being powerful does not mean being arrogant humbleness is one of the main ways in which you show your personal power you are willing to change as well as be as well as well as changing others. I can't think of a better quote to really sum this up and the one by Amy polar who says Change the World by being yourself. That's the key. No who you are be who you are and encourage allow and encourage others to do the same respect your own Humanity respect the humanity of other people and you will be powerful. I want to end my formal remarks today with what I consider to be a blessing. It comes from Nelson Mandela and here is what he said and this is what I wish for you. He said may your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears go out there and find your personal power. Don't be afraid of it use it to change the world. Thank you. Kathy thank you. What are inspiring dog? You know one of these that really, you know hits me he said that relationship between power and being authentic and being ourselves. Thank you for that great message because you know what? You know, we're all right like in where there is a say it says that you have to be yourself. Everybody else's taken, right? It is being herself because people do know when you're authentic when you're in authentic while we're receiving some of the comments or the questions. This is the time. Please take a look at the chat. Tell us what you want to tell Kathy directly. We didn't included her LinkedIn profile so you can communicate or through us. So let's start diving with questions, maybe Katie one of the questions. He's we have some of losses from the audience. They have enjoy life. Very nice. Have you been in a situation that you're in a meeting you are in certain place and you see a person that is using the power in an evil way. What have you done? How can you address that situation? Maybe it's not directly to you. But in with one of your colleagues, what have you done about it? I think there's a couple of things to do there. First of all, you have to understand you can't control it. That's one of those things you can't control we cannot control other people. But what we can do is we can be compassionate about where that may be coming from. First of all, usually when people are using power in that way. They're not going to be very effective in the long run and remember that when when they turn their backs people are gonna hate them and do other things so it's limited when they're doing that. The other thing that I try to do is I try to ask questions. I try to I try to help them uncover their assumptions by asking questions. I'm not going to push back and tell them what Do necessarily I'm going to ask questions that help them reveal to me why they're acting the way they're acting but ultimately you can't control other people. You can only control your own reaction. One more thing to that that question is don't let yourself get hooked and by that, I mean don't let yourself get drawn into that evilness so that you become overly emotional and become nasty yourself and that that takes intention to really control that reaction. Any books that you can recommend us perhaps on this topic that we should certainly review. Oh, that's a very good question. I'll have to think about that and maybe Mara I can send some ideas to you and you can get it out to the group my friend number of articles. I hate to just promote my own stuff, but that's what's new here with so I've written a number of articles in Forbes about this topic of personal power the title for the presentation today came from an article. I wrote for Forbes during the pandemic you will find several. I wrote one on perfectionism and why perfectionism undermines our personal power how to get rid of that perfectionism. So a number short articles. Yes, there are some good books on it, but I'll have to think that I have to think about that. I'll send. Alrighty we wanting by you the gold perfectionism. Definitely. What a great job. It's almost so many things to talk but got people right now. We want to say thank you for being here with us through the day through them. We're going to be in touch with you with many questions that may arise but one more time. Thank you so much on behalf of the woman in reliabilityness and management Community. You're very welcome. It's my pleasure. Thank you. Thank you God and you're welcome to stay to continue enjoying the rest of the day today. We want to also continue by saying one more time. Thank you to you for being here until The Advocates as well at this stage. I want to come back to share screen. So give me just a moment because right now I want to yes let you know that we have other Advocate that is with us and that is a in this case interlock Solutions. Gretching Gallagher is with us gretched. We will hear your audio. How are you doing today? And thank you for your support for the group. Absolutely. Good morning. Can you hear me? Okay. You can yes, go ahead. Okay. Fantastic. It's my absolute pleasure to be able to join you this morning that doesn't always occur. I'm a woman that has been in this industry for 29 years and I sit at an Executive Vice President role at interlock Solutions, which is focused on Maximo Enterprise asset management and Mobility. The reality is is that interlock and myself are founding sponsors of the Wareham Community. It's fundamentally important. And what I'm going to do is really take the conversation you just had right now has just the business side of this and and putting humility and person personal experiences into this and to understand how you really can as she indicated Change the World by yourself. I've had the privilege of addition introducing many women over the years authors of women that code and such I myself am the mother of 14 year old triplets two of which are girls. I've had the experience within this year than being an eighth grade having a teacher say to them. Well when a boy was practicing his math with a girl's guidance in the home room, and he was an elder gentleman that's not to be held against them to say, well, you know that boys are traditionally better at math and that came home to me. I needed to make a call that to the principal that that implicit bias was a part of that respectfully but to shut that down in addition to that I needed to also then take that a step further to watch my daughter then look at stem and see if that as a potential career and just within the past month. I noticed as a class of 500 students going into freshman year in our local school is only accepting 50 into the STEM Academy and That a group is less than 15 to 20 females of which one of my daughters is a part of. I speak to you as a career professional as someone who is established for three decades in this industry. Someone that supports women everything it stands for and as a mother itself that you have to be the change in the world by yourself respectively and continually so that we can be identified for our strength and for our knowledge and our intelligence and to be treated just as anyone else. So I thank you for that time and Mira, I really appreciate having a very personal anecdote that I could share today that would resonate with this team and to understand the importance of this going forward. So thank you for that time more appreciate it. Well, thank you very much Gretchen for a personal story. Thank you for for your stand in the community and interlock Solutions. And we invite you as well as to stay we have such a great treat for everybody. You're just joining welcome. We are with a woman in reliability virtual Summit. We are so excited to have so many professionals not only from different parts of the world, but different perspectives different views and they different Industries. Now, I'm gonna proceed with our next speaker Brandy Avery, we're gonna give you the presentation right now and what can I say with with Brandy? You know, I've met her personally. I've met her professional career. When was the time to look for a director for a woman in reliability in United States. Brandy was the first person that I could think of and the community Brandis bringing so much experience. She's the global transitions lead with Coachman and we feel brand. These are accomplished quality in 66 my professional she has over 20 years of integrated facility management transition project management technology implementation experience. Has passion for operational excellence reliability change leadership successful has built relationships and deliver quality results via transformation continuous improvement process the utilization and much more such a great pleasure to have the director of the United States for William Brandy with her topic diversity and Opex. So Brandy welcome, thank you very much right now. We can see you the presentation. We see in two slide deck. So it may be if you want to just compacted to one view. So we're ready there. That's perfect. Now if you want to put in full screen mode and then we will buckle up to listen to your presentation as for the rest of everybody. Please enjoy take notes and ask questions at the end. There you go Brandy and that's perfect and you can make it the whole presentation there so we can see the full screen. Your muted right now. Let's just see making sure that you have your sound. Thank you. Talk about it. That's great. Great, so and unfortunately, that is not letting me share full screen. Can you see the PowerPoint? Yeah, we can see it. Yes gray. Brownie. Thank you so much for your partnership today. Excellent. Okay. Let me know if we have any issues and thank you for having me and thank you for those who are joining us today. First of all, I too would like to say thank you to our Advocates response with this activity. You're continued support is so important. The views I'm going to share with you today come through my own experience and research is not necessarily that of amp or where. As Maura noted today. I am going to speak about diversity as a lover for operational excellence because we are all about diversity. I thought I'd spend just a few minutes on this topic. Diversity has become a major talking point in recent years as we started to look more critically at how our society functions the ails of the past created a system where certain groups of people just simply didn't have the opportunities that others did because of their race gender sexual orientation and the like we are slowly dismantling these one by one and we still have a long way to go. But the trend is in the right direction and it makes so much sense to unlock all this talent and potential that was previously untapped. When we can draw insights and ideas and energy from everyone we put ourselves in a really strong position to move forward. We can Empower everyone regardless of background to contribute to the cause or Mission that they believe in. On the screener a few stats are good firms Harvard Business review and Mackenzie have put together and these really emphasize the benefits and improved culture productivity performance and profitability. So now let's shift to operational excellence. Operational excellence is a term that is often used when discussing strategies to maintain or enhance business performance operational excellence occurs, when an organization implements and executes this day-to-day business operations better than its competitors and their marketer industry. Operational excellence can also be a framework for businesses to focus on growth and execute their strategy better than their competitors. It usually includes processes also known as value streams that can produce tangible products like cars or intangible ones like services. Drawing from continuous Improvement and other tools companies pursuing operational excellence about the mindset of problem solving teamwork and top-line growth allowing them to create more value for customers. The drive to keep improving in order to have the capacity to pursue Innovation and growth also known as execution Excellence rests on two primary pillars. The systematic management of operations and a commitment to a positive culture that focuses on customers needs and Empower staff. Empowered staff members have a clear understanding of goals and plans still secure and taking initiative and come up with ways to fix problems. So why is operational excellence so important? Operational excellence matters because it's a huge competitive advantage. Research in the Harvard Business Review family companies with Peak operational excellence have 25% higher growth and 75% higher productivity than laggards. It's also one of the three value propositions that can act as an organizations competitive Foundation. So, what's the secret? Operational excellence helps you succeed in good times and bad because of the way it impacts key characteristics and behaviors of your organization. Information technology and HR a couple of areas where we are starting to see teams actively leveraging diversity and operational excellence. Information Technology organizations that are operationally excellent focus on continuously improving their processes and their culture the Agilent scrum methodologies are natural complements to the operational excellence of these firms. At these companies we operational excellence approach translates into making sure they have employees with versatile skills. This way team members can adapt to changing needs and see the big picture instead of having only deep but narrow technical experience. Strong hiring processes onboarding and training for both staff and managers supports of kind of Workforce. Similarly, we see operational excellence in HR. HR teams are pursuing operational excellence by looking for ways to make their processes such as recruiting and outboarding more efficient to work more closely with other parts of the business and to act as a growth catalyst. smartsheets Kevin Dugan sums us up well Operational excellence is the point which each and every employee can see the flow of value to the customer and fix that glow before it breaks down. A recent payment costs another term and concept that I wanted to share. developing operational excellence through dimensional diversity We are Innovation showcases this in an easy to understand way. Information flows tend to follow specific human routes and codes within companies making it difficult to build context and definitions that would be common for a variety of professionals to communicate on highly strategic and engaging topics with an estimates as well as within Global firms or even associations deciphering those codes. It's critical to align ideas and vision on common goals, whether you need a technical crude a better explain field configuration to your material provider or present to a network engineer, the requirements of non-technical customers dimensional diversity is a tool that can help you make sense of information from customers to technical stuff Specialists to drive discussions towards user-centric problem solving. Developing a common language is part of this. As very strategic angles become necessary reading tools to make sense of complex and uncertain environment for Innovation enabling individuals to communicate around common standards and goals becomes the new operational excellence for teams working in global Matrix and interconnected ecosystems. Smart changemakers within these teams whether they work for Global or local businesses are able to articulate customer issues under a variety Viewpoint making sure they include customer requirements at every level of the discussion by breaking silos confronting ideas and viewpoints addressing commonly shared issues in creating synergies with customers dimensional diversity adapts information shared across knowledge communities to include customers and daily interactions. In order to generate the open Innovation and communication environment needed for dimensional diversity changemakers can for instance build up multi-dimensional views of change and reassess definitions to update common languages as further developed in operational plans. Developing operational excellence through dimensional diversity is enabling a continuous flow of information by adapting and redefining Concepts that can be understood and reused by a variety of stakeholders and is a critical asset to change makers utilizing or trying to develop operational excellence. Vertical diversity to confront ideas and strategic viewpoints can include Innovation Trends covered by knowledge of platform and enables us to listen to different levels of expertise and experience in developing or implementing and evaluating Technologies and processes and make sure specific emphasis is provided to outline the voice context intention and wording used to express ideas and opinions of others. Horizontal diversity is used to address commonly shared issues social media, including social networks blog platforms and new syndicated media engaging specialist content offer a wide variety of viewpoints on Innovation Trends affecting multiple sectors and organization types. Should include a green and conflicting ideas to better shape Innovation context as well as operational priorities. Technical diversity is used then to create synergies with customers. Recent technical assessments of innovation whether from a market strategy or business Viewpoint all confirm the Interlink existing between several components of the business. Bearing Technical Solutions and viewpoints to make sense of technological progress allows for sharing insights and messages with everyone. On the long term this knowledge platform built a single story for specific Innovation challenges. And then systemic diversity is put in place to break silos. This is right a growing variety of players, including governments universities businesses and leading firms. They're engaged to address commonly shared issues through connected platforms like the one we're here today. Because they seek to share and Inspire knowledge that support their own vision and forecast of economic social and political benefits of innovation. They continuously influence discussions held in an operational level to drive change. Ensure such analysis are included. By sharing ideas emanating from everyone. Rich and gap between expert communities is a key attitude to develop for further diversity agility and human specificity from a Content development point of view. It does open a wider range of businesses build vocabulary to restate messages and line with a variety of expertise. So what a success look like we talked a lot about diversity operational excellence. How do we start to measure success? Some Carpenter principal Consultants at Clarissa says that when assessing operational excellence improvements most people tend to measure processing time time from start to end exceptions Etc. But such as the number of cases that fall outside of the standard process the output or the error rate, but what can be more important is the impact on overall customer experience employee satisfaction customer satisfaction customer and employee retention and that promoter scores. Other firms measure things like change and culture as a kpi. Culture could be training completed employee satisfaction scores employer retention and a ratio of internal external hires. How is the culture where you work what types of action can be put in place to drive diversity and operational excellence while women may be well represented in Human Resources Finance marketing and other internally focused functions. They were severely underrepresented in the middle and Senior Management ranks that have profit and loss responsibility. In a recent case study Ingersoll Rand partners with Center for Creative leadership CCL and film is even more prevalent in an engineering driven industry traditionally dominated by men. Due to the lack of advancement opportunities, they found that women are more likely than their male counterparts to leave the company further perpetuating their underrepresentation among senior leaders. So how did they work to solve this? They partnered with CCL to improve retention of women team members building internal network of emerging women leaders. strike a stronger gender diversity balance and further enhance business performance sounds a lot like what we're trying to do every day, right? Some actions they put in place. It might be helpful to you. They put in mentoring. Making sure they had senior leader guide guiding women in better understanding some of their businesses and challenges. They customize training and so that they could develop the skills required by women to lead themselves other team members and the company. You put in a 360 feedback process. That helped women and understand their strengths and development needs and compare strength to Value company leadership qualities. Action learning projects assist women in applying new insights and skills to Everyday job responsibilities and raise their visibility within the organization. An individual coaching and personal development planning ensured that women could approach their career purposely and are supported in reaching their career goals. the results it pre-imposed program assessment of all the skills knowledge and business impact was among the methods used to evaluate their women's leadership program every data point revealed that the program at all the learning objectives and yielded tangible business returns with improved leadership capabilities for all participants a notable 45% of participants have transferred program knowledge skills and behaviors to a significant degree with 31% sharing learnings with others and infusing the company with program benefits. The impact is sofa been so far reaching that according to more than 50% of leaders. The program has delivered either moderate or significant positive results to the company. Positive results went above and beyond professional development. In fact, they had a sweeping effect on company culture as well as team size and diversity. So what can you do take action because diversity matters? The complexity of societal change is progressively driving organizations to elevate diversity it inclusion to a higher more strategic level and it's becoming increasingly apparent that sponsorship and support A diversity inclusion based on strategic targeted action is crucial to improving organizational performance. It's also worth noting at this point that while the connotations around diversity of the income down to race, but it's just one aspect of a much larger conversation. You went diversity across every Spectrum. You can imagine race gender background skills socialization age point of view Etc list can go on and on. Many of you are probably familiar with unconscious bias. It's easy to find yourself in a position where you look around the room and only see people who look think and sound like you as humans. We have a natural inclination to group together and look for commonalities. And so that's subconscious poll plays a role in hiring networking and all aspects aspects of business. without meaning it maliciously your key personnel cameras and will carbon copies of each other before you know it and this is often because we gravitate towards people who believe in the same things we do and can validate our ideas because they come from a similar background. It's important that we stay aware of our own personal biases and consciously adapt our Behavior accordingly. Improve operational and Excellence where you work and Empower your people to go above and beyond to match the needs of your team and adapt those needs as needs change. Drive improved operational excellence Innovation and growth and strength and gender diversity and change corporate culture. Thank you more. Brownie, thank you very much. You know every time we talk about safety reliability Asset Management. I always say to come but it's easy important to open the meeting with these topics. But now I'm encouraging everybody to talk about diversity in this briefings in in operational excellence and diversity go hand to hand. We have a few questions Brandy. One of them is related to that correlation with operational excellence the diversity. Is there any correction between highly performance companies with diversity and inclusion. What is your take on that? absolutely, and I think is we talked about today and Input of various thought make us stronger, right? They help us make better decisions. When we have diverse teams. We get more ideas better ideas. And it's absolutely my experience that can improve our performance and really move us up from an upex perspective but also as truth in our position in the market, Very similar question. Brandi says how to develop an effective culture in your opinion with acid management anymore. Then he say shown. Well, there is a Multiverse City a Multiverse diversity patterns among employees. What are any tips that you suggest? Oh, that is such a loaded question. Right? I think changing culture at a company is one of the hardest things to do and I have to go back and think about the first time. I ever heard parents speak and I'm sorry I get a little bit emotional here, but he talked about the why and it's so important that we share the why we're doing this why reliability is important why diversity is important? And so people can understand the more they understand the more you're gonna see that cultural shift and people are going to embrace that change right and they're going to believe it and adopt it for themselves. Yeah, it's so important. You know that that why and also what what is in it for me as an individual. So how diversity can impact me I can tell you when we have done different exercises and we have a diverse group a person versus a non diverse group. The decision making is even interesting more diverse by the by the word not only on the area of different titles, but different cultures the team earns more have you heard that one individual decision is is great, you know as a silo but the sinner Yeti approach of everybody makes that totally so with us and management Asset Management. It's a coordinated set of activities. So that is including all the stakeholders and why not all the different diversity area. So as you said there is so much more to talk about please send us your questions if you want brandy or any of the speakers to die deeper, let us know and we will make that so Brandy thank you very much for your leadership for United States anything you want to tell the audience about the upcoming webinars in the United States, so we are prepared until December. Oh, just please join us come in and listen, you know, we've tried to combine a little bit of a mix of things that motivate you things that will encourage you and help you in your professional development with pieces about leadership and how to become a better leader sign that back to reliability Concepts, and there's a tiny little bit of Education. I realized today some of my presentation is a little dry right? But I have so many people ask me about what is operational excellence and how do we start thinking about how we leave this into what we do every day and more. I'll share my presentation. There's quite a few resource links in the last slide that I didn't bring up, but really fascinating articles. So if you want to know more Reach Out attend our webinars for United States, and thank you so much for your time and my time, I guess allowing me to come today. Thank you. Thank you so much Brandy. And yes, we invite everybody to continue registering We're gonna place that link so you can join the webinars and why not connect with Brandy also to be the upcoming and future presenter or if you know someone else please let us know. Thank you Brandy. Have a great day. Stay here with us to see more. No, we are gonna continue.
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