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Book Review: Handbook to Achieve Operational Excellence

Operational Ecellence ImageTo buy this book visit:

I am very impressed with all the information in this book and will use it myself to help others. I highly recommend that any manager wanting to start on the journey to operational excellence or maintenance excellence read this book. You don't have to be an executive to gain knowledge from this book and add value to your company. Using it in your sphere of influence may start a revolution to success for you and your company.

I know the topics in Handbook to Achieve Operational Excellence are not new to most people, however, the importance of the first chapter, "Values, Mission and Vision" says it all. When the authors wrote about values, mission and vision, I thought it was great because it was easy to understand and apply. I have not heard people speak to these concepts in years. These guys talk about how to hold each other accountable and be sincere in the journey. You cannot be successful without identifying and agreeing on your values, mission and vision for any type of process or program; without them, execution will fail.

I love the statement on the first page of "Setting Top Level Goals". I quote, "When a ship misses a harbor, rarely is it the fault of the harbor." Companies who set top level goals have a very high probability for being successful and sustaining the change. This process is illustrated in the book in simple terms that are easy to understand. The authors point out that everything must be aligned from the top down. How true this is.

When I was reading the chapter on "Roles and Responsibilities," ideas started flowing. It's about time someone provided a simple method for defining roles and responsibilities and tying them into a RACI chart. Great work explaining this process and laying it out so anyone can apply it.

I also loved Chapter 11, "Motivating Your Employees." It provides simple concepts, a great approach and is easy to understand so anyone can follow the process and make a difference with motivating people.

Thank you William and Steven for your contributions to operational excellence! I believe this one book can make a difference to companies where jobs are at stake.

If you have ever read the book, Good to Great, then you will love this book. Buy it quickly before they run out! Thanks again to the authors for their contributions to the realm of operational excellence.


William A. Boothe was a consultant working with under-performing organizations to assist them in achieving operational excellence. For several years, he was the president of the largest lighting manufacturing company in the world. What he has contributed to this handbook is many years of experience "on the firing line."


Steven Lindborg has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing. He has been a senior manager for several global companies and is currently working as a consultant.


Ricky Smith, CMRP, CPMM, is the Senior Technical Advisor for GPAllied. Ricky has over 30 years experience in the field and is a well-known published author.

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