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Run till you fail

Run till you fail
By Dale Kersey

We don't believe in technology
Believe that stuff is witchology
WE want our machines to scream and wail
We run them flaming until they fail
Pour water on the fire while they burn
Hotter the flames more overtime we earn
Parts cost more when you're surprised
Products reduced before your eyes
The more vibration the louder they sound
The hotter they run more failure bound
We save money in the short term now
No PdM....... no way how
Intelligence is not our greatest claim
We tend to drown in the pouring rain
With our mouths wide open and noses held high
We guzzle the rain until we die
We destroyed our program
And accomplished naught
Brand new machines with our money bought
Run to failure is the newest trend
Sanity and intelligence are beyond their end

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