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Terry Wireman Recommended Reading List

Terry Wireman Reference Library

1. The Complete Handbook of Maintenance Management - John Heintzelman

2. Maintainability & Maintenance Management - Joseph Patton

3. Benchmarking Workbook: Adapting the Best Practices for Performance Improvement - Gregory Watson

4. Operations Management - Richard Schonberger and Edward Knod

5. Uptime - John Campbell and James Reyes-Picknell

6. Maintenance Time Management - John Criswell

7. Maintenance Engineering Handbook - Higgins

8. Facilities Operations & Engineering Reference - AFE and RSMeans

9. Facilities Maintenance Management - Gregory Magee

10. Best Practice Benchmarking: A Management Guide - Sylvia Codling

11. Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook - Doc Palmer

12. Maintenance Management for Quality Production - SME (Zakrzewski & Winter)

13. Tpm Development Program: Implementing Total Productive Maintenance - Nakajima

14. Equipment Planning for TPM (Maintenance Prevention Design) - Fumio Gotoh

15. P-M Analysis (An Advanced Step in TPM Implementation) - Shirose, Kimura, Kaneda

16. TPM in Process Industries (Step-By-Step Approach to TPM Implementation) - Suzuki

17. How to Measure Maintenance Performance - Sohei Hibi

18. Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants (Volumes 1 -4) - Heintz Bloch & Fred Geitner

19. Reliability Centered Maintenance - Anthony Smith & Glenn Hinchcliffe

20. Reliability Centered Maintenance II - John Moubray

21. Reliability Modeling - Chapman and Hall

22. Root Cause Analysis - Robert and Kenneth Latino

23. Theory of Constraints - Eli Goldratt

24. The Balanced Scorecard - Robert Kaplan & David Norton

25. The Strategy Focused Organization - Robert Kaplan & David Norton

26. Performance Dashboards - Wayne Eckerson

27. Zapp! The Lightning of Empowerment: How to Improve Productivity, Quality, and Employee Satisfaction - William Byham

28. Maintainability: A Key to Effective Serviceability and Maintenance Management - Benjamin Blanchard

29. Availability Engineering & Management for Manufacturing Plant Performance - Richard Lamb

30. The Maintenance Strategy Series (Volumes 1-5) - Terry Wireman

Terry Wireman

Senior Vice President, Strategy
Vesta Partners

Terry is the senior vice president of strategic development. He leads Vesta’s maintenance and reliability seminars and training, and provides strategic guidance to help the firm shape its market strategy and long-term direction. For over four decades, Terry has been specializing in the improvement of maintenance management and reliability.

He helps customers develop “best-in-class” maintenance and reliability policies and practices. As an international expert in maintenance/asset management, he has assisted hundreds of clients in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim to improve their maintenance and asset effectiveness.

In addition, he has authored twenty four textbooks and scores of white papers and articles related to maintenance management process and technology.

Terry is currently a member of the US Technical Advisory Group working on producing the ISO-55000 standard. Terry is committed to keeping Vesta on the forefront of thought leadership pertaining to maintenance and reliability strategies.

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