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The Eight Critical Elements of Asset Management Survey. A Detailed Assessment of Results.

The first part of the report will include:

- An Introduction to the Elements of Asset Management
- Assessment of the Responses to the General Group of Questions
- 1st Critical Element: Lubrication

Part two of the report will include:

- 2nd Critical Element: Condition Monitoring
- 3rd Critical Element: Maintenance Standards and Practices
- 4th Critical Element: Work management and KPI's

Part three of the report will include:

- 5th Critical Element: Reliability Process and Practice Audits
- 6th Critical Element: The CMMS
- 7th Critical Element: Shutdowns

Part four of the report will include:

- 8th Critical Element: Maintenance Strategies
- Further segmentation analysis
- Assessment of Sub themes

There has been some very interesting trends develop from this survey and the results will be of great interest to all those working in any area of Asset management.
The survey is still open for those who would like to assess themselves against the results presented in this report. Use the following link to participate.

Mark Brunner
Reliability and Maintenance Systems Superintendent

Onesteel Rod, Bar and Wire. Newcastle, Australia

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