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The Reliability Engineering Toolbox

What is Weibayes Estimates?

If you've got one piece of failure data and nothing else, you're a poor person without much hope. I've you've got one piece of failure data and a Weibull database, you're a rich person with a map on the back of an envelope and a compass by your side to get you out of the abysmal swamp of ignorance and misunderstanding.

Why use Weibayes Estimates?

The Weibayes technique uses your failure data and past experience to make Weibull analysis forecast about what you should expect into the future and in may cases, given a hypothesis of worst-case/best-case a failure forecast can be generated.

When to use Weibayes Estimates?

Use the technique when you lack specific details but you know something from your past experience-often the past experience reduces errors of Weibull analysis. Use Weibayes analysis to make sense out of emotional non-sense.

Where to use Weibayes Estimates?

Use the technique to say something and point noses in the right direction rather than playing the role of Chicken Little with the sky falling. Some data is better than no data in most cases and when you can keep your wits and everyone else is in panic mode, it quiets the problem to allow reason to prevail.

These definitions are written by H. Paul Barringer

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Paul Barringer

Paul Barringer, is a reliability, manufacturing, and engineering consultant. His worldwide consulting practice involves, reliability consulting, and training with a variety of discrete and continuous process manufacturing companies and service industries.

He has more than fifty years of engineering and manufacturing experience in design, production, quality, maintenance, and reliability of technical products. His experience includes both technical and bottom-line aspects of operating a business with an understanding of how reliable products and processes contribute to financial business success.

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