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Best Practices Maintenance Benchmarks

Yearly Maintenance Cost:
Total Maintenance Cost/Total Manufacturing Cost< 10-15%
Maintenance Cost/Replacement Asset Value of the Plant and Equipment< 3%
Hourly Maintenance Workers as a % of Total15%
Planned Maintenance:
Planned Maintenance/Total Maintenance> 85%
Planned & Scheduled Maintenance as a % of hours worked~ 85-95%
Unplanned Down Time~ 0%
Reactive Maintenance< 15%
Run to Fail (Emergency + Non-Emergency)< 10%
Maintenance Overtime:
Maintenance Overtime/Total Company Overtime< 5%
Monthly Maintenance Rework:
Work Orders Reworked/Total Work Orders~ 0%
Inventory Turns:
Turns Ration of Spare Parts> 2-3
For at least 90% of workers, hours/year> 80 hours/year
Spending on Worker Training (% of payroll)~ 4%
Safety Performance:
OSHA Recordable Injuries per 200,000 labor hours< 2
Housekeeping~ 96%
Monthly Maintenance Strategies:
Preventive Maintenance: Total Hours PM/Total Maintenance Hours Available~ 20%
Predictive Maintenance: Total Hours PdM/Total Maintenance Hours Available~ 50%
Planned Reactive Maintenance: Total Hours PRM/Total Maintenance Hours Available~ 20%
Reactive Emergency: Total REM/Total Maintenance Hours Available~ 2%
Reactive Non-Emergency: Total RNEM/Total Maintenance Hours Available~ 8%
Plant Availability:
Available Time/ Maximum Available Time> 97%
Contractors Cost/Total Maintenance Cost35-64%

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