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Terms and Conditions Auto Renewal Conference Partners

Sponsor & Exhibitor Terms And Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the sponsorships (“Sponsorships”) or exhibits (“Exhibits”) described on the applicable order form (“Order Form”) provided by on behalf of itself and its affiliates (“Reliabilityweb”) to an individual who has authority to act for the Sponsor (hereinafter referred to as (“you” or “Customer” or “Exhibitor”). These terms and conditions and the Order Form are collectively referred to as this “Agreement”. This Agreement is effective upon execution of the Order Form by duly authorized representative of Customer. Execution by Customer may take the form of an electronic signature, which shall be considered binding as if it were signed by hand. Details and pricing of the Sponsorship will be as described on the order form and its attachments, if any.

Automatic Renewal Advantage Partner Terms. Diamond, Zirconium, Platinum level Sponsorships shall automatically renew for three years (the “Renewal Term”) at the current price level. Confirmation of renewal and space selection must be received no later than 60 days following the last day of the Event for which renewal is effective. Order Forms shall be issued based on Customer Confirmation and will be valid for 30 days. Failure to confirm renewal or execute the Order Form will result in termination of the Renewal Term and price guarantee.

Gold and Silver level Sponsorships and Tower Exhibitors may elect a three year Renewal Term in order to receive a 10% discount in the current year Exhibit Package and the prevailing cost of future Exhibit Packages.

Advantage Partners who sponsor more than one Reliabilityweb Event during a calendar year will be eligible for additional discounts.

Cancellation of Conference/ Exhibitor Space. Customer may cancel their Exhibitor Space; however, there will be no refund of payments made for any reason. Cancellation will result in Customer removal from the Auto Renewal Conference Partner program.

Payment. All booths must be fully paid to receive an assigned location. Unpaid invoices will result in the reassignment/resale of Sponsor or Exhibitor space without notice and removal from Auto Renewal Conference Partner program. Unless set forth in the applicable Order Form, fees shall be: (i) invoiced in full upon the effective date of the applicable Order Form, (ii) paid in US dollars, and (iii) 50% paid within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice with balance due within ninety (90) days of the date of the invoice. Except as provided in this Agreement, all payments are nonrefundable and shall be made without right of set-off or chargeback. If Customer does not pay the invoices when due, Reliabilityweb may charge interest at one percent (1%) per month on the unpaid balance. If Customer fails to pay fees in accordance with this Section, Reliabilityweb may suspend fulfilling its obligations under this Agreement until such payment is received by Reliabilityweb. All fees payable by Customer are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, including, without limitation, VAT, excise taxes, sales and transaction taxes, and gross receipts taxes. Each party will be responsible, as required under applicable law, for identifying and paying all taxes and other governmental fees and that are imposed on that party with respect to the payments under this Agreement. If any taxes are required to be withheld on any payment, Customer will pay such additional amounts as are necessary so that the net amount received by Reliabilityweb is equal to the amount then due and payable under this Agreement.

Communicable Disease Waiver. In-person event participation includes possible exposure to and illness from infectious diseases including but not limited to MRSA, influenza, and COVID-19. While particular rules and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious illness and death does exist. Attendee KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUMES ALL SUCH RISKS, both known and unknown, EVEN IF ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF ReliabilityWeb or others, and further releases and holds Reliabilityweb harmless from, and waives any and all causes of action, claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses and compensation for damage or loss to persons and/or property that may be caused by any act, or failure to act, or that may otherwise arise in any way in connection participation in the event. This liability waiver and release extends to Reliabilityweb together with all owners, partners, and employees. Attendees must comply with all posted requirements of the venue and local health authorities.

Conduct of Exhibits. The advertisement or display of goods or services other than those manufactured, distributed, or sold by the Customer in the regular course of business is prohibited. The advertisement, display, or promotion of an event that is, in the reasonable judgment of Reliabilityweb, competitive with an event produced by Reliabilityweb, is prohibited. Customer may not assign, sublet, or apportion all or any part of the contracted booth space, nor may Customer permit the display, promotion, sales, or marketing of non-Customer products or services. Lead qualifying, demonstrations, and distribution of literature or samples must be made within the booth area assigned to the Customer. Canvassing or distributing or advertising outside the Customer’s own booth will not be permitted unless space is identified in the Order Form. Customer may not sell or permit merchandise to be sold from the exhibit. Customers may not serve or dispense food or beverages of any type from their booths or in the exhibit area without express written permission from Reliabilityweb. Helium balloons are not allowed in the exhibit area. No part of the display, including products, is permitted outside the exhibit space. Products and furnishings should be arranged with the safety of the exhibitors and attendees in mind and shall be compliant with applicable laws and regulations, including without limitation, local building codes and ordinances, venue regulations, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The style and character of the exhibit is subject to the approval of Reliabilityweb. Reliabilityweb reserves the right to set a standard of booth design to ensure a uniform standard of appearance and enhance the overall look and feel of the Event. The right is reserved to refuse the applications of companies not meeting the standards required or expected, as is the right to curtail exhibits or parts of exhibits that are not in accord with the character of the event. This right applies to displays, literature, advertising novelties, souvenirs, conduct of persons, etc. Further, Customer agrees to use Reliabilityweb’s third-party conference service provider for any onsite material and service engagements.

Setup and Dismantling. All exhibits must be set up and operational by the times set forth in communications from Reliabilityweb and/or its designated third-party conference service provider without exception. Assembly of exhibits during regularly scheduled exhibit hours will not be permitted. Only registered Sponsors and Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EACs) may be on the Expo Floor prior to the official opening of the Expo. All EACs must be disclosed to Reliabilityweb prior to Setup; no EAC who is not registered with Reliabilityweb will be permitted on the premises. It is the Customer’s responsibility to inform your contractor of the rules governing EACs. EACs are required to provide a certificate of insurance showing a minimum limit of $1,0000,000 per occurrence for property damage, personal injury, workers compensation aggregate coverage aggregate $2,000.,000 per occurrence, naming as additional insured. All exhibit material must be packed and ready for removal from the exhibit area no later than the times set forth. No packing of equipment, literature or dismantling of the exhibits is permitted until closing time.

Customer Hospitality, Entertainment, and Other. In order to ensure smooth operation of the conference and proper coordination with the venue, meetings or events of any kind sponsored by Customer (other than meetings or events for Customer employees only) may not be scheduled in conflict with conference program hours, social activity hours or exhibit hours. ANY Customer organized meeting or event, (including but not limited to workshops, seminars, luncheons, happy hours, pool parties, entertainments, and group dinners) involving conference attendees that occurs during the period beginning the first day of ANY conference scheduled activities and ending at the conclusion of the last day of ANY conference scheduled activities, must be organized with the approval of and in conjunction with Reliabilityweb. Participation in Customer organized meetings or events during the conference is limited to Registered Attendees of the conference. This includes activities held at the venue site or off site. Reliabilityweb invests heavily to acquire the audience available to sponsors at the event and therefore also reserves the right to charge a fee for any activity that involves said attendees. Podcasts and/or interviews of a commercial nature involving conference attendees may not be conducted without the express written consent of Reliabilityweb.

Exhibit Staff Registration. Conference registration of the designated number of representatives per paid booth that are included with the sponsorship as described in the Sales Order for that sponsorship must be registered by the date which is thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the event. Additional Customer personnel may purchase conference passes at standard pricing. Pre- and post- conference workshops may require additional fees. Registrations may be substituted for another individual within your company. Individuals are allowed to modify registrations for substitutions. Refunds will not be allowed under any circumstances.
Sponsor badges are non-transferable, must be used ONLY by the person the pass is registered to, may only be issued to legitimate employees of the sponsor. No person who is not registered as a sponsor may act as a sponsor or exhibitor in any fashion whatsoever. Customer personnel who are not registered sponsors are not permitted in the Expo area prior to official expo opening. A sponsor may not purchase a “Guest” pass for an attendee unless that person is legitimately a “Guest” as defined by the terms of the “Guest” pass. The “Guest” pass is NOT to be used for individuals who could reasonably be defined as “commercial” or “business” guests. VIP passes may only be used by the person to whom the VIP pass was issued. Individuals violating the above rules may be barred from the venue.

Special Visual and Sound Effects. Audiovisual and other sound and attention-getting devices and effects will be permitted only in those locations and at such intensity as in the sole opinion of Reliabilityweb do not interfere with the activities of neighboring exhibitors. Operation of equipment being demonstrated may not create noise levels objectionable to neighboring exhibitors. If the Order Form states that Reliabilityweb will play a video of Customer at any time during an event, Reliabilityweb reserves the right to not play such video if Reliabilityweb determines in its sole discretion that such video is not appropriate for the event because of content, presentation or any other reason.

Robotics and AI. Exhibitors intending to exhibit, demonstrate, or otherwise operate robotics or artificial intelligence units, must obtain written approval from NetexpressUSA prior to any Event covered by these terms and conditions. Requests for approval must be submitted no later than sixty days prior to the Event and shall include:

  • A detailed description of the robot or AI unit to be exhibited
  • Schedule of operational times (demonstrations) outside the Expo Hall
  • Names of trained operators who will be in control of the unit
  • Certificate of Insurance as described below

Operation of the robot(s) or AI unit must be undertaken by appropriately trained Exhibitor employee(s) using all safety measures necessary for the demonstration. At no time may an untrained operator be permitted to control the robot or AI unit.

Exhibitor shall defend, indemnify and hold NetexpressUSA and its officers, directors, employees and agents harmless from and against any actions, losses, costs, damages, claims, and expenses (including attorney's fees) arising from this Agreement, including without limitation any damage to property or bodily injury to Event attendees, hotel and Event staff, Exhibitor and its agents, representatives and employees, by reason of the robotic technology demonstration or use of the exhibition facilities.

All property of the Exhibitor will be deemed to remain under Exhibitor’s custody and control in storage, in transit to or from, or within the confines of the exhibit hall, even though it may at times be under the temporary control or direction of Reliabilityweb. Customer shall maintain the following coverages during the dates of the event and for two (2) years thereafter: (a) Errors and Omissions insurance of not less than US$2,000,000 in a policy year; and (c) excess umbrella liability insurance, in addition to the coverage above, of not less than US$5,000,000 in a policy year.

All Exhibitors will have access to Lead Retrieval services. Exhibitors shall not engage in any tracking of Event Attendees including but not limited to social media tracing, people tracking software, beacons, encouraging a “tap” interaction, or RFID tags.

Unacceptable Exhibits. Customer agrees not to use any displays that Reliabilityweb, in its sole discretion, determines to be:

  1. A. unreasonably endangering the person or property of the attendees or of the other exhibitors,
  2. B. in bad taste, liable to discredit Reliabilityweb, or subject Reliabilityweb to criticism or legal liability,
  3. C. inconsistent with the stated purposes of Reliabilityweb and the interest and welfare of its attendees,
  4. D.violate the Conference Code of Conduct or any other provision of this Agreement.

Customer will not use or display any material copyrighted or trademarked by a third party without having first obtained written permission to do so and will provide said permission to Reliabilityweb on request. In the event Reliabilityweb determines at any time that any exhibit may or does violate this Agreement and the Customer is unable or unwilling to cure or correct such violation, Reliabilityweb may terminate this Agreement immediately and forbid erection of the exhibit or may remove or cause the exhibit to be removed at the Customer’s expense, and the Customer hereby waives any claim for refund of the exhibit booth or other damages arising out of such termination and/or exhibit removal. Any exhibitor who is uncertain as to whether an exhibit is in compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements should contact Reliabilityweb immediately.

Logos. Customer hereby grants to Reliabilityweb a nontransferable, nonexclusive license to use the logos, trademarks, service marks, trade dress and other protectable source or business identifiers owned by Customer and provided by Customer to Reliabilityweb for use in connection with this Agreement (“Logos”).

Shipping Instructions. Information on shipping methods and rates will be sent to Customer. Customer will ship at its own risk and expense, all articles to be exhibited. Drayage and shipping expenses are not included in the booth cost. Customers are responsible for all shipping and drayage cost.

Failure to Occupy Space. Any space not occupied by the dates and times required by published schedule of events shall be forfeited by the Customer, and space may be resold, reassigned, or used by Reliabilityweb, without refund, unless a request in writing for delayed occupancy has received prior written approval by Reliabilityweb.

Government Regulations. Customer shall, at its own expense, comply with any and all government regulations including but not limited to fire codes and building codes. Customer shall not use any flammable decorations or coverings, and all fabrics or other materials used shall be flameproof.

Exhibit Space Floor Plan. Every effort will be made to maintain the general configuration of the floor plan for an event. However, Reliabilityweb reserves the right to modify the plan, if necessary, as determined solely by Reliabilityweb.

Warranties and Disclaimer. Each party hereby represents and warrants to the other party that it has the full power necessary to enter into this Agreement; that all corporate actions and approvals have been taken that are necessary to make this Agreement a binding and enforceable obligation of such party; and that such party’s execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement are not in conflict with, and will not cause an event of default under, any agreement or instrument to which such party is bound.



Indemnification. The Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold Reliabilityweb and its officers, directors, employees and agents harmless from and against any actions, losses, costs, damages, claims, and expenses (including attorney's fees) arising from this Agreement, including without limitation any damage to property or bodily injury to Customer, its agents, representatives and employees by reason of the Customer's occupancy or use of the exhibition facilities as well as any allegation that any Logo, as used by Reliabilityweb in accordance with this Agreement, infringes or violates the intellectual property rights of a third party.

Insuring Exhibits; Required Insurance. Customer is encouraged to insure its exhibits, merchandise, and display materials against theft, fire, etc. at its own expense. It is suggested by Reliabilityweb that the Customer contact the Customer’s insurance broker and obtain all risk insurance covering exhibit property while absent from home premises for exhibit purposes, or a rider to the Customer’s existing policy covering same. Neither the exhibit facility nor Reliabilityweb will be responsible for loss or damage to any property in storage, in transit to or from the exhibit building, or while in the exhibit building for any loss of income as a result of any reduced sales due to such loss or damage. All property of the Customer will be deemed to remain under the Customer’s custody and control in storage, in transit to or from, or within the confines of the exhibit hall, even though it may at times be under the temporary control or direction of Reliabilityweb. Customer shall maintain the following coverages during the dates of the event and for two (2) years thereafter: (a) Errors and Omissions insurance of not less than US$1,000,000 in a policy year; and (c) excess umbrella liability insurance, in addition to the coverage above, of not less than US$1,000,000 in a policy year. Upon request, Customer shall provide to Reliabilityweb certificates of all insurance, and Customer shall provide thirty (30) days advance notice to

Reliabilityweb of impending cancellation, non-renewal, or material change of such insurance.

Impossibility. The performance of this Agreement is subject to termination without liability upon the occurrence of any circumstance beyond the control of either party – such as acts of God, wars, acts of terrorism, government regulations, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, or curtailment of transportation facilities – to the extent that such circumstance makes it illegal or impossible for the Reliabilityweb to conduct the Event. The ability to terminate this Agreement without liability pursuant to this paragraph is conditioned upon delivery of written notice to the other party setting forth the basis for such termination as soon as reasonably practical – but in no event longer than ten (10) days – after learning of such basis. Termination of the Agreement in accordance with this Impossibility section will be without liability. For purposes of this Agreement, “without liability” means that no money damages will be due by the terminating party to the other party as a result of the termination. Reliabilityweb will work with Customer to reschedule the event but is under no obligation to refund any payment made under this Agreement.

Miscellaneous. Customer expressly agrees to be bound by all the terms, conditions, and specifications herein listed, the Conference Code of Conduct, and the rules and regulations established by Reliabilityweb from time to time thereafter modified, and expressly agree that this Agreement, the Code of Conduct and such rules and regulations contain the entire agreement between the parties hereto and supersede any prior agreement, written or oral. No modification of this Agreement is binding unless it is in writing and signed by Reliabilityweb and Customer. Purchase order forms will be for the sole purpose of defining quantities, prices and describing the sponsorship benefits to be provided under this Agreement and to this extent only are incorporated as a part of this Agreement and all other terms in purchase order forms are rejected. The laws of the State of Nebraska will govern this Agreement. In the event of a dispute arising out of or related to this Agreement, each party will give the other prompt notice of the dispute, and both will meet promptly for good faith discussions to try to resolve the matter. If that fails, such dispute will be resolved by final and binding arbitration before a sole arbitrator, who is an attorney, and will be administered by the American Arbitration Association under its then-current Commercial Arbitration Rules. The decision and award of the arbitrator will be final and binding, and the award rendered may be entered in a court of competent jurisdiction located in Douglas County, Nebraska. The arbitration will be held in Douglas County, Nebraska. The arbitrator must enforce the terms of this Agreement and will have no authority to award any damages in conflict with or in excess of the limitations and exclusions set forth in this Agreement. Notwithstanding any other provision in this Agreement, Reliabilityweb has the right to terminate this Agreement at any time upon notice to Customer if Reliabilityweb determines that Customer has violated the terms of: (a) this Agreement in which case no refund will be given; and (b) any other exhibitor or sponsorship agreement between the Customer and Reliabilityweb, whether past or current, in which case Reliabilityweb will refund all payments made hereunder by the Customer minus a US$500 administrative fee. Customer will not issue any press release (or make any other public announcement) related to this Agreement or the transactions contemplated hereby without the prior written approval of Reliabilityweb. Any provision in this Agreement may be waived, but only in writing signed by the party or parties against whom such waiver is sought to be enforced. In the event that any term or provision of this Agreement will be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability will not affect any other term or provision hereof, and the parties agree thereafter to use their best efforts to substitute a provision of similar economic intent and effect. Customer will comply with all applicable laws in its performance under this Agreement, including without limitation any laws relating to the receipt and handling of conference attendee information. This Agreement may not be assigned by Customer without the prior written consent of Reliabilityweb, and all attempted assignments in violation of this provision are void. Subject to the foregoing, this Agreement will be binding upon and will inure to the benefit of the parties and their respective successors and assigns. Reliabilityweb and Customer are independent contractors, and nothing contained herein or done pursuant hereto will be construed to create any relationship of principal and agent, joint ventures, partners, or employer and employee between Reliabilityweb and Customer. Any notice under this Agreement given by a party to the other party will be in writing and will be sent to the intended recipient by registered letter or commercial courier at the address set forth above.

Adopted November 2023

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