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Trico Corporation Announces the Launch of Machine Vitals Sensor Technology under the Sensei IIoT Network

Trico Corporation Announces the Launch of Machine Vitals Sensor Technology under the Sensei IIoT Network

Pewaukee, WI, March 4, 2024 – Trico Corporation, a leader in lubrication management solutions, is proud to introduce Machine Vitals, the latest innovation under its Sensei IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) network. This new sensor technology is set to revolutionize industrial maintenance by offering unparalleled monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities for oil-lubricated rotating machinery such as pumps, fans, gearboxes, and hydraulic units.

"Jim Jung, President of Trico Corporation, shared his excitement about the launch, emphasizing the alignment with the company’s core vision. 'At Trico, our vision is firmly centered on utilizing data and analytics to prevent tomorrow's problems. Machine Vitals is a testament to this vision, representing a significant leap forward in our ability to foresee and mitigate potential issues before they impact our clients' operations. This advanced sensor set is not just a tool; it's our commitment to transforming how industries approach maintenance—by predicting, rather than reacting to, the challenges of tomorrow.'"

"Designed to seamlessly integrate into the headspace of oil reservoirs, Machine Vitals features a sophisticated dual-sensor set configuration. This setup is capable of simultaneously monitoring pressure, temperature, and relative humidity both inside the equipment's headspace and in the ambient external environment. Coupled with advanced vibration and acoustic signal analysis, this comprehensive monitoring enables the early detection of potential issues by evaluating changes over time. Such precise, dual-environment monitoring underscores the system's innovative approach to predictive maintenance, allowing for timely intervention and the prevention of costly equipment failures."

For Trico's oil analysis customers, Machine Vitals web application integrates recent sample data with sensor readings to provide correlation of condition monitoring methods. “The use of both services isn’t a requirement to experience the power of Machine Vitals, but it is an insightful connection in uncovering the relationship between day-to-day occurrences with less frequent diagnostic testing like oil analysis,” Jung explained.

"This technology is a pivotal tool for any industrial operation seeking to adopt a more proactive approach to equipment management, thereby minimizing downtime and extending machinery life, irrespective of their current maintenance practices. Frankly, we believe we will see a lot of interest tied to the increasing labor challenges by designing a device that can measure many critical parameters associated with routine equipment inspections. This innovative approach not only conserves resources but also promotes a more safe, sustainable operating model by minimizing waste while promoting safety,” Jung added.

The sensor data is accessible through the Sensei web application, designed for intuitive use and understanding of the data. The release of Machine Vitals closely coincides with the upcoming release of Trico’s new mobile app designed, in part to guide and assist users through system activities like adding devices, troubleshooting, and more. It also offers the ability to quickly record maintenance events, on equipment where Machine Vitals is installed, and will display within the web application for Reliability Engineers or Maintenance Managers who are often tasked with leveraging these technologies. “We tried to include as much convenience and power into everything we integrated into the device itself as well as the user interface features,” said Jung.

With the introduction of Machine Vitals, Trico Corporation reaffirms its commitment to leading the charge in transforming industrial maintenance through cutting-edge, data-driven solutions.

About Trico Corporation

Trico Corporation has been at the forefront of lubrication management for over a century, providing innovative solutions designed to increase reliability, longevity, and performance of industrial machinery. Through its Sensei IIoT network, Trico is dedicated to harnessing the power of data analytics and IoT technology to deliver predictive maintenance strategies that prevent tomorrow's problems today.

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