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Program Overview

This Reliability Leadership Institute® (RLI) Code of Practice, in its latest amended version, applies to all parties involved in the Reliability Partners program including company owners, managers, supervisors and team members. Any query regarding its interpretation should be referred to the Director of the Reliability Leadership Institute.


The Reliability Partners program is designed to help reliability leaders and asset managers discover suitable and reputable solution providers that deliver relevant services and training aligned to Uptime®Elements – A Reliability Framework and Asset Management SystemTM(produced by®). Approved Reliability Partners Providers have knowledgeable service personnel and instructors who maintain the Certified Reliability Leader®(CRL) certification and are in good standing.

The Reliability Partner program is designed to be transparent and open to all. Requirements for entry are intended to be reasonable and appropriate, as is the method of excluding or removing organizations that fail to meet or maintain an acceptable standard. It is in the interest of all parties that the Reliability Partner program brand is not devalued.

This Code of Practice is intended to ensure that all Reliability Partner continue to offer appropriate products, services and training at a consistently high quality. RLI members, potential clients and can be confident that a Reliability Partner is reputable and will deliver high standards of service aligned to the Uptime Elements. relies primarily on self-certification with the right to visit or otherwise verify all aspects of a Reliability Partner delivery, as is reasonable.


Definitions are covered in the Uptime Elements Dictionary for Reliability Leaders and Asset Managers, which is a highly recommended companion for all Certified Reliability Leaders and Reliability Partners.


  1. For the duration of its appointment, the Reliability Partner shall become and remain a corporate or individual RLI Reliability Partner Member and thereby be subject to RLI Code of Conduct and all relevant Codes of Practice.
  2. For the duration of its appointment, the Reliability Partner shall be, or have staff who are, Certified Reliabilty Leaders.
  3. The Reliability Partner shall be sensitive to the requirements relating to the use of’s brands, logos and devices. In addition, the Reliability Partner shall obtain written instructions from concerning how and where such marks may be used. Uptime® Elements - A Reliability Framework and Asset Management Systems® is one such protected brand.
  4. The Reliability Partner shall ensure that all relevant staff and agents adhere to this Code of Practice.
  5. If the Reliability Partner becomes aware or suspects that there will be or, has been, a breach of any relevant RLI Code of Practice, the information must be provided in writing, without delay, to the RLI Director.


  1. RLI will not undertake to consider applications from individuals or organizations that we have reason to believe cannot meet the Reliability Partner criteria.

After appointment, the Reliability Partner shall:

a) Use its best efforts to maintain high standards that protect its reputation and the reputation of the Reliability Partners program.

b) Ensure that all training delivery carried out is in accordance with the approach approved at appointment as an Reliability Partner;

c) Notify RLI of any intended or actual changes in its approved approach;

Reliability Partners members acknowledge and agree that it is in all members’ best interest to maintain a high- integrity, trust-based Community of Practice and as a result, all RLI member meetings, whether face-to-faceor virtual, are NO SALES Zones.Reliability Partners are invited to participate in RLI member meetings in order to contribute knowledge and experience to the Community of Practice related to Uptime Elements - A Reliability Framework and Asset Management System.All Reliability Partners (including employees and agents) agree:That they will not solicit any RLI member without a clear and direct invitation from that RLI member.That they will refrain from sales promotions of any type during RLI meetings, including handing out brochures or other sales collateral.That they will not recruit RLI members for any other networks, associations, publications or conferences.They will maintain confidentiality of any information disclosed in RLI member meetings.Reliability Partners acknowledge that violations of the above would erode member trust and erode integrity. Violation of any of the above will result in immediate removal from the Reliability Partners program.


  1. The Reliability Partner shall confirm that it is a financially viable organization with the resources necessary to deliver the products, services and training promised to clients. The Reliability Partner must be willing to provide documentary evidence to RLI if required.
  2. The Reliability Partner shall promptly pay any fees owed to
  3. The Reliability Partner agrees that for all pre-approved training delivered under this title, it shall issue Certificates of Completion (and CEUs if appropriate) directly to successful trainees together with CRL Reliability Partners feedback questionnaires and Uptime Elements posters and promotional material.
  4. The Reliability Partner agrees not to design or issue any certificates bearing the CRL logo or purporting to certify successful completion of the Certified Reliability Leader certification.
  5. The Reliability Partner agrees to give their clients the opportunity to provide independent feedback to RLI via paper or online survey. A copy of the feedback will be sent to the Reliability Partner, and a copy will be kept on file in the office.
  6. The Reliability Partner shall grant the right to inspect and audit general training records to determine quality and compliance.
  7. The Reliability Partner shall grant the right to appoint an independent verifier to check any relevant aspect of the Reliability Partner’s competencies, processes and relevant criteria on a random sampling basis.
  8. The Reliability Partner agrees to report all relevant new clients gained (that includes any business with RLI members) and results to the office, where a central register shall be held to measure the effectiveness of the Reliability Partners program.


  1. At any time, the Reliability Partner may choose to resign from this program. The Reliability Partner shall immediately notify in writing and agree upon an effective date for this change.
  2. A Reliability Partner resigning voluntarily shall certify in writing to of its resignation. All relevant course or other materials bearing the logos or other devices and marks shall be removed from use. In addition, the Reliability Partner ensure that no future prospective clients believe that it holds Reliability Partner status.
  3. An Reliability Partner resigning voluntarily shall issue a closure report to and certify in writing that all necessary and appropriate outstanding actions and arrangements for which it is responsible, as an Reliability Partner, have been achieved.


  1. may terminate Reliability Partner status at any time in the following circumstances:
    1. Failure to observe the Code of Practice;
    2. Repeated client complaints and/or unsatisfactory findings from inquiries into the situation;
    3. Evidence that the Reliabilty Partners activities are bringing the program into disrepute;
    4. Failure to deliver any Reliability Partner aligned products, services and trainingfor a consecutive period of more than 12 months;
    5. Failure to pay monies owed to
  2. In the event that intends to terminate an Reliability Partner appointment, it shall request formal discussion of the matter in an attempt to reach a satisfactory outcome. In the event that the Reliability Partner fails to engage, shall be entitled to give notice to the Reliability Partner and terminate this appointment unilaterally. shall also be entitled to take all reasonable measures to protect the program and its own reputation, brand and logo/devices.
  3. After termination, shall factually state the situation on its website or in answer to external inquiry.
  4. may also take disciplinary action under the RLI Code of Practice.


  1. In the event that decides to bring the Reliability Partner program to an end, it will make arrangements for an orderly exit for all parties and will make public the circumstances.
  2. will not accept liability for any consequential or alleged losses or damages.


  1. is the body responsible for administering the Reliability Partner program and this Code of Practice. The Director of will make appropriate arrangements in the event of a dispute.
  2. In the event that the Reliability Partner cannot accept the conclusion reached by the management team and alleges that they have not been fairly treated, the RLI Board of Advisors may review the issue.
  3. In the event that cannot reach agreement with an Reliability Partner, both parties agree to be subject to arbitration in the jurisdiction of Douglas County, Nebraska, USA.®, Reliability Leadership Institute®, Uptime® Elements, A Reliability Framework and Asset Management SystemTM, Certified Reliability Leader® and Reliability PartnersTM, are the trademarks and registered trademarks of and its affiliates in the USA and in several other countries.

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