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Accelerating Your Operational Transformation with Maximo

Accelerating Your Operational Transformation with Maximo

MaximoWorld Keynote 21:12 Minutes

by Joe Berti, IBM

For leaders wanting to keep up with the pace of digital transformation, now is the time to act to achieve execution at scale of your vision; to bring operations, maintenance and reliability teams together under one set of priorities and processes to share data and get comfortable with working with modern tools, AI and digital twins. This year, our clients took a critical step forward making that vision a reality with the availability of the IBM® Maximo® Application Suite, complete with features: manage, monitor, mobile, health, predict and safety.

Join Joe Berti, AI Applications, IBM, and special guests, including one very unique guest, to learn how the investments we delivered over the last year will help you to accelerate your industry transformation. Joe will showcase how leaders are using the Maximo suite to reimagine their operational models and learn about what’s next in the coming years for IBM Maximo.


  1. Urgency around operational transformation
  2. Where we are at with the Maximo Suite
  3. Vision of where things are going
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