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Benchmarking Asset Condition Management

Benchmarking Asset Condition Management

by Terrence O'Hanlon with special guest panelists; Nanoprecise – Sunil Vedula and SEAM Group – Bret BevisReliability

Webinars #3 Feb 13th, 2024

Embark on a transformative journey with Terrence O’Hanlon's "Benchmarking Asset ConditionManagement," an exclusive webinar event featuring the innovative minds from Nanoprecise and SEAM Group. Whether you'll be learning from Sunil Vendula or Patrick Heiser, Peyton Griggers, David Weszely,or Kathy Taylor, your experience will be nothing short of revolutionary.

This isn't just a session; it's an awakening to the potential within your organization's asset condition management strategy. Through the Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and AssetManagement System, we will explore the core of Asset Condition Management (ACM)—the secret to unlocking a new level of efficiency and reliability in your operations.Imagine a future where downtime is a thing of the past, where every decision you make is backed by the collective intelligence of Certified Reliability Leaders (CRL).

This webinar is based on a survey by the Reliability Leadership Institute (RLI), designed to prioritize the ACM knowledge and skills that will propel your organization to the forefront of your industry.Prepare to have your perspectives challenged, your expertise expanded, and your passion for asset management ignited. We will dissect and internalize the aspects of ACM that are crucial tocreating a resilient, sustainable, and thriving workplace.This is more than education; it's an experience that will resonate with the very core of yourprofessional desires. It's an opportunity to align with the aspirations of global reliability leadersand to be part of a community that is shaping the future of asset management.

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