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Badass Leadership

IMC Keynote 25:52 Minutes

by Michelle Reines, CEO & Founder and Author, "Badass Leader"

An absence of teamwork can make the possible feel impossible! Let’s be candid, the people-parts of leadership can be challenging for many who are in leadership positions. At a minimum they can stall or disrupt projects, impact safety and reliability and when left unchecked, ultimately capsize the leader and team or worse!

Michelle has suffered her fair share of bumps and bruises on the road to learning how to build badass teams. She will share her lessons learned, the good, bad, and ugly, including specific steps you can take to get on the fast-track toward building your Badass Team.

Who is this talk for? Anyone who is interested in leadership, regardless of title. Leadership is a choice, not a title, we all know there are many who carry the title who are not leaders. This is one talk you won’t want to miss!

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