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Benchmarking Reliability Engineering for Maintenance

Hosted by Terrence O’Hanlon and featuring insights from esteemed guest panelists Sunil Kamerkar and Ed Stanek, the Reliability Partners from Asset Analytix. This is more than just a webinar—it’s an opportunity to ignite your passion for excellence in reliability. Immerse yourself in a narrative that transcends the ordinary. We will delve into the heart of what makes a reliable organization tick, exploring the critical knowledge domains within the Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System that set the best apart from the rest. Our expert panelists will share the collective wisdom garnered from the benchmarking Reliability Leadership Institute’s finest minds, those who have risen to the pinnacle of their field as Certified Reliability Leaders (CRL).

Discover the pulse of reliability engineering as we dissect the survey and benchmarking findings that reveal the essential skills and knowledge that are the lifeblood of Reliability Leadership mastery. This webinar isn’t just about learning; it’s about experiencing the thrill of breakthroughs that will catapult your organization into new realms of success. Embrace the chance to be part of an elite group that champions the cause of safe, sustainable, and reliable workplaces.

This is where theory meets application, where knowledge meets passion, and where you—yes, you—can make a profound impact. Don’t just attend a webinar; join a movement. Reserve your spot now and step into a future where reliability isn’t just a goal—it’s a reality.

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