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Meet Spot: The Solution to Autonomous Industrial Inspections

by Dan Zuba, Levatas and Caleb Sylvester, Boston Dynamics

Attendees will want to attend this session and learn first-hand how Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot is being used in industrial settings to extend and enhance the overall maintenance operation. Boston Dynamics will be joined by our leading integrator partner, Levatas, to share how customers are leveraging this transformative technology to deliver next generation solutions and high-value ROI. By enabling autonomous inspections along with remote operations for “eyes on the scene” analyses, Spot can capture critical asset condition data and provide intelligent information to determine the next course of action. With the automated process, maintenance operations can conduct these inspections more frequently lowering the mean-time-between-inspections, and with a higher level of accuracy.
Please join Caleb Sylvester (Boston Dynamics) & Dan Zuba (Levatas), and special guest, Spot, to learn how agile mobile robots can perform autonomous inspections to drive ROI throughout your maintenance operations and deliver value in terms of safety, efficiency and predictability.

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