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Building the Digital Roadmap for Asset Management

IMC Presentation (40:52)

Paul Casto, GE Digital

The digital transformation journey begins with the development of an overall strategy and the creation of a digital roadmap. Digital transformation integrates many different businesses and functions across the enterprise in order to turn data into actionable information. The digital roadmap is a comprehensive and flexible plan that aligns the organization’s business goals with the functional strategies of the organization. The result is leveraging technology, work processes, and culture to transform the asset performance management work practices into a value creation engine. This session will focus on the steps required to develop a firm foundational roadmap to improve asset performance.

These steps include:

1. Identifying Business Outcomes

2. Readiness Analysis

3. Benchmarking and Data Health Analysis

4. Business Case and Financial Analysis

5. Financial Risk Analysis

6. Work Processes Impacted by Digital Transformation

7. Value Creation Planning

8. Integrating Disparate Sources of Information

9. Change Management and Solution Adoption

10. Project Execution Plan

11. Multi-generational Roadmap

12. Program Governance and Adoption Learning Objectives:

Understand the process to create a digital transformation roadmap Identify current state, desired future state, and the roadmap to get there Review work processes impacted by digital transformation Understand the role technology plays in the transformation Drive adoption of transformative technologies/solutions through change management Triple Bottom Line: People, Process, Environment Who Should Attend: There is useful information and insight for anyone working in asset management, maintenance, reliability, APM, and operational excellence.

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