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Case Study: Overhead Crane Monitoring Using Wireless IIoT Sensors

Case Study: Overhead Crane Monitoring Using Wireless IIoT Sensors

IMC Presentation (42:00)

Sunil Vedula, NanoPrecise

Wireless vibration sensors have been around for quite some time and have traditionally been used on simple, constant speed machines. With the rapid development of wireless IIoT sensors with more advanced Edge computing capabilities that can then be paired with powerful automated analytics in the cloud, we are seeing a shift towards very dynamic and critical assets being wirelessly monitored. In this presentation, we explore the usage of wireless sensors on an overhead crane application. A complete review of the application including the initial project discussions highlighting the challenges, scope definition, measurement strategies, automated RPM detection, synchronization of sensors, edge algorithms, and fault characterizations that are possible will be presented. This use case highlights the evolution wireless technology has made in the past decade and shows that almost any asset, no matter how complex or dynamic it is, can be successfully monitored when the right technology is implemented correctly. You will get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to successfully monitor one of the most dynamic and difficult to monitor assets in the industry and takeaway the key lessons learned. Takeaways: Technology development of wireless sensors technology and cloud analytics Key considerations when monitoring dynamic machines Lessons learned from technology implementation and monitoring

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