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How IoT-Based Predictive Maintenance and Handheld Inspections Compare and Complement Each Other

IMC Presentation (45:32)

Sunil Vedula, NanoPrecise

The manufacturing industry has been following a route-based monitoring approach for ages. Without question, AI and IoT has changed the way we look at condition monitoring and diagnostics. To avoid unplanned downtime, today there are multiple methods and options. But the question is: Which one to adopt and what factors matter? How are we going to get the required results by using different technology available today? All questions will be answered in this session! The future of Maintenance 4.0 is definitely exciting. Takeaways: History of route-based monitoring Limitations of route-based monitoring Wireless permanent monitoring versus route-based monitoring How to compare data between handheld and wireless sensors How can IIoT accelerate your Maintenance 4.0 targets today

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