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How to Choose the Right Reliability Program for You

IMC Presentation (35:55)

Nikolaus Despain, Aquitas Solutions

What is the “right” reliability program for you and your company? Which of the many different reliability programs out there is the right one? Seventy percent of reliability initiatives fail. Many programs fail because they are not the “right” program at the “right” time. So how do you pick the “right” one? In this session learn how to use your existing data to help you determine the “right” program for you at this time. Use these same tools to review the success of your program and identify the program you should do next.

Takeaways: Using your existing data to identify the “low hanging fruit” – A Reliability program that has the biggest opportunity for success is a great place to start. Using your existing data to identify “resource” opportunities – New programs require resources - where are they going to come from? Identifying the resources and matching them to the right program ensures resource enabled success. Using your existing data to identify the best opportunities for a connected asset solution – A connected solution that over delivers results in a better connected solution that is connected!

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