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Identifying Potential and Hidden Failures in Advance

Identifying Potential and Hidden Failures in Advance

IMC Presentation (39:51)

Sarah Kline, HanAra Software

With 89 percent of all equipment failures being random, knowing the status of your facility is key to improved operations. To understand the current operating status, plants collect data from a variety of sources. What is important though is how the organization uses this data. One effective use for equipment data is to help identify potential and hidden failures.

Organizations can combine their equipment data with advanced pattern recognition (APR) technology to reduce failures, protect their assets, and increase availability and reliability. With APR techniques, plants expand their maintenance strategy to include predictive maintenance and receive early warnings of failures, increasing lead time to plan and implement. Not only do these early warnings save time but they also reduce operation and maintenance costs through actionable intelligence. By taking advantage of intelligence provided by equipment data, organizations improve their overall operations, and in turn, improve efficiency and optimize decision-making.

During this session, we will investigate the steps required to reduce failures through data-informed decisions including: Defining the purpose Investigating the status selecting the necessary tools and data Implementing solutions and processes Improving and iterating.

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