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Implementation of Maintenance Planning and Scheduling in an Academic Hospital

MaximoWorld Presentation 28:34 Minutes

by Michael Palhidai and Tina Cortez, Stanford Health Care

Stanford Health Care’s transformational planning and scheduling program reduced reactive maintenance from 50 percent to target of 30 percent within 5 months and reached 24 percent by 11 months. Success was attributed to clear roles and responsibilities, escalation paths, and continuous improvement.

However, the teams were not free from challenges. Early on the teams struggled with staff restructuring, change management, basic knowledge and use of Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS), Maximo, short timelines, surge in patient volume, all while maintaining a 24/7, 365 hospital operations.


  1. The importance of engagement and alignment from staff and leadership early on
  2. Defining current state and developing future state together to understand challenges and collaboratively develop solutions
  3. Benefits of making small incremental improvements that lead to big results
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