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Kansas City Data Interoperability And Road To Digital Twin

Kansas City Data Interoperability And Road To Digital Twin

MaximoWorld Presentation (44:30)

Scott Yates, Electronic Data, Inc. and Ian Redhead, Kansas City International Airport

For as long as facilities have been built, there has been an immense challenge for organizations to acquire, assimilate and organize the data required to properly operate and maintain a facility that has been turned over to them. We all know the story, by the time a project reaches the stage of commissioning the facility and turning over the “as-built” drawings, equipment specifications and manuals, the project’s budget, schedule (and patience of the people involved) have long been expended. Organizations are left with a hodge-podge of information on their new facility and are left on their own to gleam the useful information out, or collect it themselves, to establish their operating and maintenance procedures. And that effort doesn’t even yet include preparing it for load into and use in their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system.

With the current capabilities of BIM and Maximo, the Kansas City Aviation Department is addressing this gap between “design” and “operate” head on and building a bridge across it that could be used for all future capital projects. For projects that leverage BIM as a primary design tool, Maximo has a standard feature to import the data from models automatically as well as an available plug-in to present the associated 3D models inline with it’s own applications like Work Order Tracking and Assets. With established design standards for BIM models to ensure you can always receive the data needed from contractors to seamlessly and easily integrate into your Enterprise Asset Management system.

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