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Frank Santiago - Speaker Director, Capital AssetsThe Little Potato Company

George Williams - SpeakerChief Executive Officer ReliabilityX

Hidden inside the Uptime® Elements just may be the most valuable element of them all - Operational Excellence. While most asset management and reliability efforts focus on reliability for the sake of the asset, this little gem focuses on bridging the gap between maintenance and operations.

This presentation will cover the improvement efforts over two production lines running different packaging types and various size configurations. OEE when this effort began was around 50 percent for these lines. Over several years, there were various leaders, target changes, bag dimension changes, and staff changes, and as a result, performance suffered. In addition, a lack of fundamental maintenance practices such as use of CMMS, routing preventive maintenance, and backlog management contributed to poor operational performance.

A compound of OPX, CMMS, RCA, DE and a few other key elements helped us better identify the opportunity in our manufacturing plants and develop teams to understand the issues and create solutions which eliminate defects, improve performance, and move us closer to a culture of reliability.Join us as we review the transformation as it is taking place.

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