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Modern Mentoring

IMC Keynote Presentation 30:23 Minutes

by Randy Emelo, Author, Modern Mentoring

With the proliferation of information on-demand, the need for expert guidance has increased. Access to commonly held information is no longer a barrier, but understanding when and how to apply knowledge remains a constant hindrance to increasing worker effectiveness.

In this keynote presentation from Randy Emelo, author of Modern Mentoring, you will explore how mentoring relationships allow workers to harness three important qualities for learning in today's world: flexibility, personalization, and collaboration. With a modern approach to mentoring, organizations can raise up the next generation of talent while strengthening workforce engagement. Become an even more effective leader through modern mentoring.

During this keynote, you will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of mentoring at work
  • Assess your mentoring network
  • Explore ideas for creating a mentoring culture in your organization
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