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Myths and Pitfalls of Reliability

Myths and Pitfalls of Reliability

by Ron Moore, The RM Group Inc.

There are many myths about reliability, the most common one being that if we do excellent maintenance, we will have excellent reliability. We often make assumptions, for example, if I complete the following tasks (and you should):

  • A CMMS, work management, planning and scheduling, linked to stores
  • Maintenance plans for each equipment
  • Specific PMs based on failure modes and consequences (each eqpt)
  • Condition monitoring program – all PdM, Operator Inspections
  • Precision work tools and practices
  • Comprehensive RCA process
  • Use of RCM in developing and updating maintenance plans.

Then operational reliability will improve, efficiency will improve, costs will come down, and profit willimprove. This discussion will provide a cautionary tale, and suggest some additional work that must bedone to assure a reliable operation.

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