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Proactively Addressing Your Most Chronic Downtime Causing Maintenance Issues

Proactively Addressing Your Most Chronic Downtime Causing Maintenance Issues

IMC Presentation 24:09 Minutes

by: LJ Andreuzzi Henkel, LOCTITE

Maintenance managers and engineers plan to maximize the reliability, process, and overall efficiency of their plant’s equipment while increasing their quality and production. Equipment failure is an unwanted, yet unavoidable, reality that negatively affects a facility’s production time, capability, and workplace safety.

Unfortunately, due to large workloads in today’s world, maintenance teams tend to conduct reactive maintenance rather than proactive maintenance. In an ideal world, these maintenance managers and engineers would have the chance to be proactive and implement significant cost-saving solutions, while decreasing their most frustrating chronic manufacturing and maintenance issues. Maintenance reliability starts with LOCTITE - utilizing the correct tools for applications, to decrease unneeded daily tasks.

Choosing the right tool also increases the equipment’s effectiveness. Through capabilities such as plant surveys and maintenance reliability workshops, LOCTITE can customize the process, based on a facility’s specific needs in maintenance reliability. In this presentation, you will learn LOCTITE’s cost savings process through consultation, customized training, and continuous improvement implementation: Increased Efficiency: Learn real-world examples of increased effectiveness and improved safety by reducing the number of routine maintenance tasks and chronic failures, which naturally lead to added expenses.

Increased Reliability: Extend your mean time between failures by increasing equipment dependability with threaded fastener loosening, controlling air and fluid leaks, and preventing part wear. Reduce Cost: Learn the impact of unnecessary costs by documenting your cost savings through improved efficiencies gained in energy and fluid consumption, eliminating redundant repairs, and decreasing component expenses.

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