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Reliability Improved Using Personality Styles

Reliability Improved Using Personality Styles

Melissa Ruth, Reliability Leadership Foundation

In this session, we will learn about how understanding the personality styles of our individual team members helps us to ensure each person is leaning into their strengths and, therefore, working to the best of their potential. We will learn how this improves reliability and team morale.

TAKEAWAY: That there are other ways to address diversity and inclusion than just what you see.


Breaking the Barriers in Reliability Report

Reliability Leadership Foundation - People and Culture at Work Consortium

This transformative work aims to enhance business and asset performance through optimized human performance. Recognizing the direct contribution of diverse thoughts and experiences to problem-solving and innovation is essential for long-term success in today's business environment. Embracing DEIB leverages human capital to its fullest potential, impacting the reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness of assets and operations.

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