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If Reliability Is a Journey, Where Do We Start?

If Reliability Is a Journey, Where Do We Start?

TRC-2019 Learning Zone 43:21

by Patrick Akins, Weyerhaeuser

It is often said that the pursuit of Reliability is a journey with no end, an ongoing effort of continuous improvement and newfound opportunity. Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu spoke that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. But where do we start? Weyerhaeuser has dozens of Wood Products plants throughout North America, each unique in its geography, physical construction and organization, and the challenges and opportunities were abundant. Should the Reliability Journey start with training, assessments, leadership, metrics, or standards? Yes, all of this but there is more. Join Pat Akins, Reliability Director, as he shares the approach taken to start Weyerhaeuser on their Reliability Journey.

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