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Reliability Saves It All

IMC Presentation 38:28 Minutes

by Eric Ayanegui and Tommy Cocanougher, Cintas Corporation

Safety, quality, and productivity are bound together by one common thread — Reliability. Producing a quality product safely and efficiently requires reliability underlying the entire process.

This presentation will reveal the impact reliability has when it is woven throughout the organization and when it is a key component of processes and procedures used in the manufacturing of products. Without reliability intertwined into these areas, it may be a struggle to produce fully what is expected to be successful in today’s business environment. We will discuss the impact that reliability has in each area with a focus on:

  • Morale and engagement;
  • Environmental compliance and responsibility;
  • Company reputation;
  • Facilitating effective communication and messaging across the company;
  • The buy-in from all levels, including those who hold the purse strings;
  • Recruiting, turnover and growth.
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