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State of Good Repair and Vulnerability Analysis: Risk-Based Capital Planning and Forecasting

IMC Presentation 40:53 Minutes

by Jim Grimes, Triad Unlimited

Imagine yourself responsible for planning the asset related capital projects for a global enterprise over the course of the next five years. Daunting thought or exciting prospect?

If you think it's daunting, you haven’t had the opportunity to be exposed to the State of Good Repair-Vulnerability Assessment (SGR-VA). SGR-VA is a process that recognizes asset management capital and resources that have to be aligned with risk-based asset management in order to be effective toward meeting business goals of throughput, quality, and safety.

This presentation is a fascinating journey from deciding which assets present risk to the business because of their priority and performance issues to assessing those assets and approximating when that risk will become critical to creating a prioritized risk-based set of asset remediation capital projects with funding requirements identified to arriving at a solid data-driven long-term capital plan that moves asset management capital and resources to the right places at the right time.

Prepare for an engaging session that will make you want to hurry back to work and solve some problems!

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