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Strategic Maintenance Leadership: Steps to Reliability

Strategic Maintenance Leadership: Steps to Reliability

IMC-2018 Learning Session 34:24

by Abdul Alami, Government of Alberta

The presentation focuses on the strategic maintenance leadership principles and particularly on the aspect of reliability. It is known in the industry that the term "maintenance" means to keep the equipment in operational condition. How to sustain an effective maintenance leadership in the organization? The whole idea of being a leader falls apart if the leader doesnn't know what beliefs to lead toward. What is the long-term purpose of reliability and maintenance management in the company, plant, area or department? Hopefully, the companies have documented and disseminated beliefs for reliability and maintenance management. If not, the company, plant, area and/or department have set up its leaders to fail... This presentation on tactical maintenance leadership includes maintenance strategies, types of leadership, maintenance organization and elements of maintenance management.

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