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The Toyota Engagement Equation

The Toyota Engagement Equation

by Ernie and Tracey Richardson

If your organization is frustrated with firefighting as a first response, challenged by morale issues, rework, and lagging KPIs versus of leading ones, your problems may be managing you. Recondition your thinking by learning a reliable, proven formula for developing and sustaining a successful continuous improvement culture in any organization/industry if you have people, processes and problems this can help align your purpose. This process of thinking is patterned from the culture we experienced at Toyota as team members, influencers and leaders.
You’ll learn the essence behind what you as an influencer/leader/executive, as well as process owners should incorporate within their daily work to create a cultural infrastructure around Standardize-Do-Check-Act (SDCA), Plan-do-Check-Act (PDCA), Continuous Improvement, and A3 thinking. Toyota veterans, and authors Tracey and Ernie Richardson will take you step-by-step through the elements of the highly effective Engagement Equation: GTS6 + E3=DNA. (6) necessary elements of PDCA Thinking + Everybody, Every Day, Engaged = Discipline and Accountability)
Each element builds upon the previous one, creating a continuous improvement learning environment that recognizes the need for standardization in order to measure and effectively solve problems and visualize and measure gaps at all levels/processes.
How to create a culture of continuous improvement using the 6 elements of GTS Thinking in the Engagement Equation:
1. Go to See;
2. Grasp the Situation (Framing the problem);
3. Get to Solution; Practice
4. Get to Standardization;
5. Get to Sustainability;
6. Get to Stretch (goal) – to enable Everybody-Everyday-Engaged (E3) toward a common goal / purpose. This allows for DNA (discipline and accountability) to begin around standardization (the prerequisite for PDCA)

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