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Beyond the Basics: Mastering Ultrasound for Condition-Based Lubrication

Beyond the Basics: Mastering Ultrasound for Condition-Based Lubrication

by Blair Fraser and Tyler Becket, UE Systems Inc.

Learn to use ultrasound for condition-based lubrication in this interactive workshop, optimizing equipment efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. This workshop covers the fundamentals of bearing lubrication, and how to use ultrasound to detect early signs of bearing damage and monitor lubrication effectiveness. Through an interactive format with tips and tricks, participants will gain practical experience.

Learning takeaways:

  • Understanding of the fundamentals of bearing lubrication and types of lubricants available.
  • Mastery of ultrasound technology for condition-based lubrication to improve machine reliability and minimize maintenance requirements.
  • Development of effective lubrication programs to optimize lubrication performance, increasing overall equipment efficiency.
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