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We are AFG Maintenance and We Deliver the Meats - Maintenance Excellence Achieving Throughput & Safe

IMC Presentation (45:16)

James "Jimbo" Rogers, Advoco and Pat Kessler, American Foods Group

AFG is the fifth largest beef processing company in the U.S. and processes and ships over 5 million pounds of beef every day. In this presentation, we will focus on impacting plant performance by helping maintenance respond faster (alerts, mobile delivery) and respond better (existence and quality of standard job plans, use of checklists and compulsory failure codes).

Topics include: Introduction to AFG 5 enemies of a successful EAM project How each enemy is addressed with quantifiable results We Deliver the Meats Maintenance Mission Emphasize the need for a Maintenance Mission to not only tie in with operations success, but also serve as a culture change catalyst for the maintenance organization

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