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Individual IoT Domains and Elements

Individual Uptime Elements and Domains

Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System

Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System is used to give people a simple way to understand Reliability and Asset Management as a system.
Available in English and Spanish

Uptime Elements Digitalization Strategy Framework

Uptime Elements Digitalization Strategy Framework is an extension of the original framework to create a holistic approach to advancing reliability and asset management built on foundation of reliability leadership culture across IT, OT and ET to realize the promise of digitalization.

A Common Language

Uptime Elements and Digitalization Strategy Frameworks

5 Sources of Defects

Defect Elimination amplifies the Uptime Elements approach to defect elimination by showing the five primary sources of defects. In addition, this highlights how cross functional frontline workforce can be engaged and empowered to improve reliability using this very powerful approach.

S-D-I-P-F Safety Reliability Curve

The S-D-I-P-F Safety Reliability Curve is a visualization that attempts to graphically "bend time" to the benefit of investing in and applying reliability efforts by showing a lifetime snapshot of the asset over time. In the Uptime Elements system, we stress that resistance to failure is created in the design stage and that we work to advance to the precision domain.

Transit Map

Uptime Elements Transit Map is designed to express that every journey is an individual one and there is no set sequence. Additionally, this expresses a holistic Asset Management system as well as the Four Fundamentals of Reliability Leadership.

Machinery Lubrication Framework

Uptime Elements Machinery Lubrication Framework is comprised of fifty-two individual elements, subdivided into the the five domains of knowledge: lubricant selection, lubricant application, lubricant storage and handling, contamination control and sampling, and inspections.

What Is In Your DNA?

The Reliability DNA of your team is an important part of an organization's culture. Reliability DNA is also a health indicator and a good predictor of future performance. Check your Reliability DNA.

Vibration Diagnostic Framework

Uptime Elements Vibration Diagnostics Framework is a logical visual mapping system to understand vibration analysis as "systems thinking."


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Work Categorization and Work Types

Work Categorization and Work Types

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