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I-care’s Strategic Alliance with Technical Associates of Charlotte Boosts Predictive Maintenance Expertise

I-care’s Strategic Alliance with Technical Associates of Charlotte Boosts Predictive Maintenance Expertise

March 2nd, 2023, Houston, TX – I-care Group, a global leader in machine health, is pleased toannounce its strategic alliance with Technical Associates of Charlotte (TAC), a leading vibrationtraining solutions provider. This partnership allows I-care to further grow its technical offerings withTAC’s vibration training solutions and, as a result, to boost its predictive maintenance expertise.

For over 60 years, Technical Associates of Charlotte (TAC) has been delivering the highest quality of industry focused vibration training and ISO vibration certification to over 20,000 vibration analysts worldwide.

Industrial companies have to navigate complex challenges such as production disruptions, technical skills deficiencies, and rising operational costs. Specialized techniques to identify machine problems and better data-driven decisions will be more and more required to meet their operational performance standards. The strategicalliance with TAC provides I-care with the next building block in order to further grow its technological leadershipin the field of predictive maintenance.

Ben Detober, CEO Americas of I-care Group: “While I-care Group will provide the financial backing for TAC throughthis alliance, the companies will continue to operate independently. As one of the oldest and most well-knowntraining companies in the United States, TAC has always been our preferred source for vibration training andcertification. We view it as our contribution to the vibration analysis community to continue this offering to the nextgeneration of vibration and reliability professionals.”

Jim Berry, President of TAC and a leading vibration analysis instructor: “Our alliance with I-care Group will offerthe market added vibration monitoring depth and domain expertise. As predictive maintenance has become anecessary strategy to compete in today’s global manufacturing marketplace, our constant mission is to educateand empower reliability professionals through our highly qualified and experienced vibration training experts. It isimportant to the TAC team and our customers that we continue to advance our high-quality vibration trainingsolutions by aligning with a company that shares our passion. I-care Group is the right company to continue oursuccess.”

From Mons, Belgium, to Houston, Texas via Brazil and Australia, I-care Group monitors the industrial equipmentof thousands of customers (total value of $75 billion), 24/7 and in all major industry sectors including food andbeverage, chemicals, pharmaceutical, energy, and material industries.

About I-care Group

I-care Group is a global leader in machine health. Their AI and data-driven solutions predict industrial failuresmonths or even years before they occur. Thanks to I-care, machines around the world are safer, more productive,and more sustainable. Founded in 2004 in Mons, Belgium, the company employs more than 700 people and hassubsidiaries in 12 countries (Asia-Pacific, EMEA, and Americas) with customers in more than 55 countries. I-carewon the EY Company of the Year award in Belgium in 2020.

About Technical Associates of Charlotte

Founded in 1961, Technical Associates of Charlotte (TAC) is a leader in Condition Monitoring and VibrationAnalysis Training and Certification. TA has also been known for its renowned “Illustrated Vibration DiagnosticWall Chart” since its development in 1989, which is now sold to companies and analysts in many countriesacross the globe.

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