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Nanoprecise Sci IoT Sensors are now certified for Hazardous and explosive industrial atmospheres

Nanoprecise Sci ATEX IEC EX

Nanoprecise Sci ATEX IEC EX

EDMONTON, AB, /PRNewswire/ -- Asset Condition Management Solution Provider - Nanoprecise Sci Corp is now fully certified for Hazardous and explosive industrial atmospheres

The present Industrial IoT companies working in hazardous conditions not only need to protect their machines, but also need to secure the safety of their workers. A slight spark, for example, in an oil and gas field or a manufacturing plant could trigger a fire or an explosion bringing about equipment damage or worse, loss of life. Therefore, international organizations and governments have established certification standards aimed at preventing any loss of life or equipment operations.

Atex and IECEx are international standards that have been adopted in many places to prevent such catastrophes and by certifying equipment or hardware end users do not have to evaluate each device and can rely on the third-party review. This speeds up the process of adopting or using equipment while still preserving safety. An Atex or IECEx certification is essential for any hardware that may be used in explosive or hazardous environments.

Certified Hardware by Nanoprecise - Plug. Play. Peace

The IoT hardware from Nanoprecise is now certified for use in hazardous/explosive atmospheres and complies to Atex and IECEx standards for Zone 0. Our unique 6-in-1 wireless sensor – MachineDoctor, can now be installed in hazardous/explosive atmospheres and will measure Vibration, Acoustic Emission, Magnetic Flux, RPM, Temperature and Humidity. All our sensors have been thoroughly tested and certified as per industry standards, thereby ensuring safe operations and protecting workers in industrial environments with hazardous/explosive atmospheres.

MachineDoctor is an efficient IoT tool that can be used within hazardous environment and would therefore bring productivity and safety benefits to your manufacturing operations. The certified hardware from Nanoprecise offers various benefits for the hazardous/explosive zones in industrial environments, which was previously limited. These include:

  1. Interconnectedness
    Intrinsically safe IoT hardware that can capture 6 streams of data, to wirelessly monitor the condition of your machines.
  2. Configurable Sensors
    The sensors can be configured to meet your requirements and enables seamless data capture. All upgrades to the sensor firmware can be pushed through OTA (Over The Air).
  3. Communication & Security
    The sensors possess one of the highest communication standards and enables seamless data transfer using ESim / Cellular / Wi-Fi 2.4/5ghz / NbIoT / 4G / LTE using AES 256 Encryption.
  4. Integration
    The Sensors communicate seamlessly with cloud infrastructure that then allows for integration with larger systems by using common APIs to achieve interoperability of information either on a common cloud or between cloud platforms.
  5. System architecture
    The automated end-to-end solution provides data aggregation, data analysis and distribution, using edge analytics as well as cloud-centric architecture. This allows for near real time monitoring without a full-time connection while still using the extensive computing power available on the cloud.

MachineDoctorTM offers capabilities that meets you where you are, from the edge to the cloud, according to your needs and with the requirements from your industry. Moreover, our automated AI-based analytics platform can be integrated to desktop computers or mobile devices to create a complete solution for critical industries.

The certification acknowledges our continued commitment towards quality and to providing customers with industry-leading products and services that ensure safety while improving the overall efficiency of the machine operations. Contact us for more information.

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