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Condition Monitoring Analyst

MRG Labs
York, Pennsylvania

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MRG Labs is a leader in machinery reliability and lubricant analysis. Recognized world-wide for the development of the Grease Thief technology for sampling and analysis, we are looking for an energized professional to help us meet the growing demand for grease analysis services as a Condition Monitoring Analyst (CMA).

The CMA shall evaluate lubricant analysis data and issue maintenance recommendations for diesel engines, turbines, transmissions, gearboxes, hydraulics and ancillary components/equipment. The CMA shall obtain/maintain proficiency with analytical laboratory instrumentation used in grease, oil, hydraulic fluid, and fuels testing at MRG Labs, along with acceptable measurement practices to perform root cause analysis, sample analysis, correlation studies and Accuracy & Repeatability (A&R) testing. The CMA shall work closely with MRG laboratory personnel, customer operations and maintenance personnel, reliability specialists and engineers to identify and resolve equipment, component and lubricant related issues.

The CMA will also contribute to our R&D program to develop new and industry leading solutions for lubricant analysis and automation of laboratory tasks. The ideal candidate shall possess five or more years of demonstrated quality management experience, such as but not limited to, experience acquired while working with International Standards Organization (ISO) standards. The ideal candidate shall have experience maintaining mechanical systems in heavy equipment such as gearboxes, drive trains, turbine engines, hydraulic systems, power plant machinery, etc. and conducting root cause analysis studies to determine the sources of equipment failure. Alternative acceptable experience includes experience in data collection and analysis, correlations studies, and conducting gage R&R studies as part of a condition based maintenance program.

Education for this position should be a 4-year degree in engineering or science, or sufficient equivalent work experience in machinery operations, maintenance, engineering or reliability disciplines.

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