CRL 1-hr: Nov 7 Introduction to Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System

MaximoWorld Awards 2021 Winners

Interpro Solutions and Skookum - Special Recognition: Best Partnership

Scott Smith, Skookum and Zachary Rose, Interpro Solutions

University of Delaware and Prometheus Group - Best Work Execution Management (WEM) Implementation

Michael Guns, University of Delaware

Jeff Kinard, Prometheus Group

Leidos Antarctic Support Contract (ASC) and Interloc Solutions - Best Maximo Mobility Implementation Program

Paddy Douglas and Robert Cockrill, Leidos Antarctic Service Contract

Gretchen Gallagher, Interloc Solutions

Electronic Data Inc. (EDI) an Arora Company and Salt Lake City International Airport - Best Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Implementation Program

Eddie Clayton, Salt Lake City International Airport and Scott Yates, EDI